20 to 60 minutes

20 to 60 minutes. That’s how long it roughly takes to play through one game of the card game Citadels; or at least that’s what it says on the box… Around 3 hours, several glasses of wine, a few beers, pop corn and a platter of ice cream later, seven of us finished just one game. Buildings were erected and destroyed, feuds started, Kings toppled and a lot of laughter had during our time with Citadels.

Around 40 minutes

We decided during the week that we really should start playing more table-top games. Ones with cards, figurines of monsters, books filled with complex rules; that kind of thing. After a bit of raving by several Arrowheadees about the game Citadels, we decided to give it a go. It’s a game where your goal is to be the first to build a large town, with the most valuable buildings in it. You take turns at collecting gold, building buildings and using your character’s skills to sabotage the other players (I made the mistake of destroying Jens’ Tavern early on, something that came back to bite me hard later on) It was a lot of fun, but did indeed take a lot longer to get through than we were lead to believe.

Propeller Anders’ groundbreaking approach to popcorn consumption

We’re going to get more into these sorts of games; they’re good fun, and really help you get inspired about different game mechanics you may not necessarily find within video games.

Anyway, here are some pictures, I’m sure as this blog starts to take flight you’ll be hearing from us all. Perhaps “Propeller Anders” can explain the benefits of eating popcorn from a bowl using a spoon over traditional methods, who knows.