I do not MUD.

MUD? What the hell is that? Some kind of game?? DON’T GO THERE!!!

I only like games where you can kick the shit out of people! Chivalry, Dark Messiah, Wolfenstein, Dark Souls, Duke Nuke’em 3D – in all these games, you have a certain kick-activation power. You can boot a guy down from a cliff, into a wall, or just ruin people’s shit.
It’s also useful to surprise your enemies with a foot to their groin when they’re going to attack you! This ability can also be handy in real life situations (kick-open doors etc.).

There was one time during the weekend at the office, me and my fellow programming boys had a good time with violence. I had constructed a functional firearm from a rubber band and a folding ruler. I took aim at the crotch area of one of the programmers, called Anders. He didn’t notice the rubber band, so he was all like “Noo don’t shoot me” while waving his hands. I interpreted that as “Please hurt me asap” So I did.

Never heard from him again.

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