Best of luck!

It is something rarely seen, that an employee leaves Arrowhead. But yesterday evening we said goodbye and wished all the best luck to one of the earliest members of the team, Therese “Tuss” Jansson, who has decided to spread her wings and look for different opportunities in the future.

Therese has been with us during some of the development of Magicka, through The Showdown Effect and then Gauntlet, and moving to the Helldivers team in the end. Just like most of us from the early days, she studied at Luleå University of Technology and later got involved with the team as a friend and then a colleague.



You’ll be missed here, but we’ll see you Tuss! After all, you’re not just an employee but a friend.

Getting all posh with fancy new gear.

Getting all posh with fancy new gear.

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