What’s going on with Gauntlet?

Hello dungeon adventurers!

We’ve been a bit quiet here for a while, all busy improving and building upon Gauntlet and of course working towards finishing Helldivers.
It’s been great receiving all your positive feedback on Gauntlet and we’ve solved as many of your issues as possible so far.

Some of the most requested features from the community that have been added so far include:

  • Hot joining (joining while game is in progress).
  • Ability to skip cutscenes.
  • Some balancing of Thor’s skills to help him battle the Gauntlet better.
  • Text chat to other co-op heroes in game.
  • Keybinding settings available for keyboard and mouse.
  • Optimized the matchmaking so that it broadens the search distance of potential games to join.

Of course a number of bugs have also been addressed:

  • Valkyries can no longer interrupt spear thrust attack recovery with shield block.
  • Language issues where the wrong languge was played for certain lines.
  • Heroes will no longer lose their keys when walking through a previously opened door after they have died.
  • Stuttering music problems.
  • A number of issues where keys and doors would not behave correctly.
  • Variuos issue of Heroes getting stuck at doors, falling off the world or spawning in the wrong place.
  • Fixes for several early resolution problems and the .exe launching minimized.
  • Perks received from masteries not unlocking correctly and displaying the right information.

Visit Gauntlet’s announcement page for full patch notes

One of the best reviews we’ve seen from the community:

Now we will continue to address feedback from you, support Gauntlet and building an even better gaming experience. Please feel free to visit the Gauntlet forum and expressing your thoughts. We will check in to answer your questions and take part of the feedback as much as possible.
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We have noticed many chose to ignore the advice to “Don’t shoot the food”. For you, don’t miss the community challenge going on right now; shoot as many turkeys as possible over the weekend and if we reach 1 million turkeys shot, a special surprise will be unlocked!
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Next week we will be back with more information of what’s going on at the studio, stay tuned!

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