Galactic Extranet Broadcast: Helldivers

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15.12.2084 13:30 S.E. Central Time

NEW STOCKHOLM, Super Earth.– –Greetings fellow citizens of Super Earth™. To encourage and inspire you in the wait to join the fight for democracy we are sharing this message about the current development status and some recent additions.

We know the anticipation is great and are happy to inform you that development is going well. As many of you have noticed, the plans of a summer release were replaced with ‘it will be ready when its ready!’ due to our ongoing pursuit of perfection and some feature creep. Luckily Sony are always supporting and sharing our ongoing obsession for the best game ever!

At the moment we are working on making an enhanced instruction tutorial that will better prepare the soldiers for the war and guiding them in the practices of spreading democracy to the far reaches of the galaxy. Internal testing has consisted of bringing some civilians in from the parallell team to gauge their improved understanding and willingness to fight for the cause of Super Earth afterwards.


We have found it very useful to bring in people and let them try ██████████████████ before anything else. This is especially important when developing a title for consoles.

A few developers discuss the new ████████ added to the tutorial.

In his own words, Game Director Johan Pilested explained “██████████  ████  ██████████████████████████  ████████████  ████████████████
At first look Helldivers seems like quite a classical top-down shooter, but as usual even when we want to stick to a basic formula, things easily get a little out of hand and we come up with all these unique ideas that we just have to implement.
Leading to a richer game experience, we hold on to the strong opinion that █  .
One of the developers added:

“It’s not everyday you get to create something like this. An ███████████ is something quite tricky to get into a game, but when done right also so rewarding.”


Thanks for all your excited interest in the PSVita development that has helped keep our spirit going when it’s been difficult! We are happy to share the news that Helldivers are now smoothly defending Super Earth on the PSVita. Among other things we have ██████████ a few ███████████████ to keep the transition between the PSVita and the PS3 and PS4 as seamless as possible. Take a look at the image below and you should have no further worries that the title won’t look good enough on this handheld device.


A few concepts that have led to some the most unique
environments in the game.

The load-out is one of the most important aspects of this title and the part where you get to choose a Primary Weapon, Perk and Stratagems. While we have worked a lot into the feel and functionality of the weapons earlier, lately we’ve worked with the Stratagems. They are probably the addition to your character that will make the biggest difference in the fight and therefore we are right now trying out some new ones that we believe will change the way you play ██████████ ████████████ or at least it will give quite a few options for the ████████████  █████.

For more detailed information on them, please feel free to visit ██████████████████████████████████████


Without giving away any details about the race, what we’ve really had to dig into towards the end of development are the ██████████. We felt that we had to start from the beginning here and write a bit of a backstory rather than jump straight into gameplay mechanics. After all they are █████████████████████ and you don’t want to miss that opportunity.

We would not like to spoil too much, but we’re leaving you with two screenshots that we think will satisfy some of your curiosity. We would love to get some of your feedback on the changes we’ve done with ████████, how cool won’t these fights be now with the ███████ addition to ████████████?


Or perhaps even █████ one of these ███████████ below will appeal to some players. As you can tell it might cause quite a carnage!


The after-launch support has not been fully decided but as usual we really want to support the game with updates and fixes after release, keeping it a living product. If the players request █████████████  ███████████████ that is probably what we are going to aim for.

On a final note, we have talked release date with our publisher and a number of factors will affect it, but a window of between ███ and ██████████ has been discussed.

See you soon in the fight for the cause!
Arrowhead out.