Fresh Meat


Hello everyone, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Lucy and I am the new communications intern at Arrowhead, a.k.a the latest working peon to join the ranks. With some very exciting happenings going on at the Arrowhead Studios in the upcoming few months you will be hearing a lot more from me – I will be bringing you all the latest thrilling announcements, hot news and much, much more so keep watching this space!

My first week here is now drawing to a close but, I have to admit, has been quite the learning experience. For starters I have learnt NEVER EVER to use the last of the toilet paper without later refilling, for fear of inducing a rage-filled Skype office chat.


That aside, and probably more importantly, I have learnt that I am one lucky person to be a part of the wonderful team here. Not many people can honestly say they enjoy getting up to go to work in the morning. (Incidently, if you’re thinking of applying to Arrowhead or similar make sure you check out Rob’s post about artist applications!)

Working with computer games on a daily basis is a dream come true for a lot of people, however, most people also fail to understand how much work goes behind the scenes. Not just in terms of creating a game, but with the daily mundane tasks which are central to any business – preparation, planning and organization. Hard work pays off though and with an exciting few months ahead the office is now continually buzzing, trying to deliver the best gaming experiences possible which we hope you will love.

My first week was eventful but I quickly found the key to success: make friends fast and enjoy the quirks which they possess. One of the first questions I received was “So, what are the really weird things you’ve noticed here?”. Honestly nothing has shocked me, everyone is disappointingly normal and nice. Sadly there are no characters depicted like in the movies, lurking in the office corner like some sort of Sméagol or South Park’s Jenkins.


Oh, apart from the whole “no shoe” culture which is a thing here. Now that IS weird to me.

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