We’re back! (We weren’t really gone though)

A brand new year! Doesn’t 2015 sound so much more future than 2014? Isn’t it time for travels to Mars, exoskeletons, food in pill form and hoverboards? We think it’s a great year for releasing games. Maybe a sci-fi future game would be nice.

We’re all at the office again with a running start. It seems this year’s bonus holiday has gotten everyone all fired up to get going with new things and we’ve done great progress in this week alone.
We’ve taken measures to improve the office and workspace for everyone as well as started working on defining what Arrowhead really is and how we will work from here. These are exciting times and we will continue sharing news and our vision with you during the year.
And on top of that it’s Friday! What could possibly go wrong?

2015-01-16 13.32.25

Coffe machine conversation commence!

The Gauntlet team is busy tweaking the game, responding to community feedback and we also have some new things cooking that we think you will really enjoy!
Remember that you can always talk to us on our social media channels or the Gauntlet Steam forum where we try to catch as much feedback as we can.

2015-01-16 14.53.40
Friday show & tell

For Helldivers we’re smoothing out the final kinks to make sure we get the best game ever. We’ll soon have all kinds of news to share with you and we’re really looking forward to the release now!
We will be hanging out much more in the Playstation forum from now on, and you can pop in there to talk to us as well. Here’s a link.

2015-01-16 17.04.45