The Mysterious Delivery!

The office was abuzz this week with a mysterious delivery. Like cats to boxes we gathered around the large package on the table which took two people to lift up. Much “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” commenced as we began opening the delivery cautiously (we expected the worst – like a giant glitter bomb – since some members of this office have a very weird sense of humour). Lo and behold it was revealed to be six huge crates of Lego!



I didn’t expect Lego to cause this much of a stir, but considering many people here are big kids, this really shouldn’t come as any surprise. We did actually try and hold off on opening the crates for a while since the person who ordered them was not present, however that particular notion didn’t last very long and by the end of the day the first few things had already been built. I’m not going to lie, there were all types of crazy builds with many mixed results to say the least…


The conference table is now covered in multicolour rainbow bricks of varying shapes and sizes. Someone joked that the pain of Lego stays with you throughout your life; when you are a child you hurt your fingers digging through the pieces in the boxes but as parents the pain transfers to your feet when you stand on the pieces which your children have left on the floor. So far there have been none of these accidents yet but I’m counting down the hours and waiting for the profanities to start.


Interestingly, what has been made clear through the arrival of the Lego is the different types of people here at Arrowhead – the OCD sorters, the perfectionists, the imaginatives and the downright strange – but the beauty of Lego is that it provides us with the perfect situation to all get together and be creative during lunchtime meetings.


However, all good things come with their own problems: we’ve now found that we are running out of bricks as no one wants to destroy their “beautiful” creations. To address this problem (and to enhance the office’s competitive senses) I’m trying to petition a weekly Lego competition with different rules from time to time with builds consisting of just one colour, animals/buildings/cars only category, freestyle etc.


Just no one else seems as enthusiastic about it as me… :(


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