Helldivers post-launch and a Huge Thank You

We are honoured to have received such a warm and welcoming reaction from the HELLDIVERS community. In the last few weeks we have been flooded with messages of love and support for our game. There are not enough ways to thank you all, but we want to show you our amazing wall of compliments, which we hope to eventually completely fill.


There is one thing we can give back to you right away though, and that is a gift for your wall(paper)!
Feel free to spread some managed democracy on your computer. We will soon have more versions and sizes up on the webpage.

We’ve also received some questions about the newly released DLC. Here’s the way we look at things:

We believe in making games which will have a long lifetime and become a living product after release. Every great care is made to ensure that we integrate support models which make sense for our games. It is a long-lasting labour of love. Creating DLC allows for this continued development and support of the game; we want to support our products for as long as the community wants to play them.

With an overwhelmingly high demand for more Helldivers content, it makes sense to get something fresh out there for the large amount of players who have already spent 40+ hours on Helldivers and unlocked everything.

We want to thank the fans who have already contributed to Helldivers by buying the DLC packs, and supported us as it further gives us the ability to improve the title and react to user feedback. This is why we are happy to announce that we are turning up the heat soon with a big content update that will be free.

The artists are working into juicy new stuff for you

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