HELLDIVERS: Masters Of The Galaxy first intel

Fellow HELLDIVERS, heroes of Super Earth,

A new threat of unprecedented magnitude has emerged!

Enemy Master units have been located on certain planets in each region. We have discovered that these new units move tactically and you will need to strike fast once you encounter one, or the opportunity is lost. To increase our chances of mission success, Super Earth will only send in HELLDIVERS above a certain rank to meet this superior enemy.

Super Earth Command has been able to retrieve some initial visuals thanks to the first exceptionally brave HELLDIVER scouts on the front line.

helldivers cyborg siege mech 2 helldivers illuminate great eye 1 helldivers bug hive lord

We remember and salute those fallen comrades who never made it back, but sacrificed themselves to bring us intel and put us one step ahead in our fight for freedom!

Liberating the galaxy from this new threat is each and every citizen’s responsibility. We welcome you to bring both friends and family to your nearest recruitment centre for training.

With the experience that all HELLDIVERS have been gathering, we expect to be able to dispatch troops to these new planets in July. More information to follow once Super Earth Command have fully assessed the situation.

Helldivers Masters of the Galaxy

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