HELLDIVERS Patch Notes 2.01


You have been fighting bravely for freedom, ever increasing the reach of democracy to the outer edges of the galaxy. After the setback of the last war, your renewed efforts are truly showing.
Super Earth Command is ever vigilant and have addressed the latest issues you have run into during the current war.

Here is the latest campaign update (Patch 2.01).


  • The standing info (number of Commends available) is no longer reset between each mission
  • Helldivers no longer get stuck in vehicles when the vehicle is destroyed, or teleports across the map once the vehicle is despawned
  • Now the Shield Backpack should always activate when picked up
  • The Illuminate Council Member is now showing correctly in the Encyclopedia
  • The Bug Impaler tentacles no longer glitch when spawning
  • Unexploded ordnance no longer spawn outside of objective search areas
  • Objective timers no longer desync between PS Vita, PS3™, and PS4™ because of low framerate on the PS Vita
  • (PS4™) Fixed a bug where a local non-PlayStation™ Network user’s progress could get reset if he hotjoined while a local PlayStation™ Network user was playing, returned to the main menu when prompted, and then entered the game in offline mode
  • (PS4™) Fixed an issue where entitlements (DLC) would not get unlocked if the user did not have PlayStation®Plus
  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash if an Illuminate Obelisk would get hit by an Illusionist Confuse Orb
  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash if a player holding an upgraded RPG (with laser sight) would enter the extract shuttle
  • Fixed an issue where new DLC character’s hands would not move when throwing grenades
  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash when enemies or other things would fall into one of the snow environment capture objective ponds


  • It is now possible to receive the Slayer capes by completing a difficulty 12 planet for each race


  • The mission-end star for low death-count now counts every player’s deaths, not only the host’s
  • The Illuminate Obelisk walls will now stop at vehicles and objectives, and will no longer destroy objectives
  • Carry objectives are now failed earlier when dropped into chasms and it should decrease the likelihood of carry objectives becoming stuck in unreachable places, rendering the mission impossible to complete
  • The game will now time out faster in the main menu when one of the local players does not have a Sony Entertainment Network account

As always we owe big thanks to the community for their support in reporting these issues!

Remember you can always read the current status of known issues and report anything new in this forum thread: Helldivers SUPPORT – Post your issues here!