HELLDIVERS: MASTERS OF THE GALAXY expansion deploys today! + HELLDIVERS to launch on BLURAY


Thanks to your sacrifice and bravery, Humanity has prevailed in the 4th Galactic War!

But recently we had some worrying news.
With courage, we now face a threat far greater than any we have encountered before. Very few patrols have survived and intel is sparse, but we’ve received scattered reports of new huge alien MASTER units that have been discovered on outlying planets.

Today we stand ready to strike down this new threat!

As SUPER EARTH’s elite, we stand against all enemies of freedom and our values, no matter the cost, to ensure that humanity, NOT aliens become MASTERS OF THE GALAXY.


Today we announce our second expansion – HELLDIVERS: Masters of the Galaxy – a free content update for HELLDIVERS which adds new Enemy Master units to fight. The expansion will also be accompanied by the release of additional DLC reinforcements.


  • New Trophies
  • New Bug “Hive Lord” Enemy Master
  • New Cyborg “Siege Mech” Enemy Master
  • New Illuminate “Great Eye” Enemy Master


To celebrate the release of this free expansion, we are releasing HELLDIVERS: MASTERS OF THE GALAXY EDITION Bundle for $19.99. This bundle includes the Entrenched Pack – The AT-47 Anti-Tank Emplacement turret, the Anti-Personnel Barrier, and the SH-32 Directional Kinetic shield. Available for a limited time only.


In addition to the MASTERS OF THE GALAXY expansion, three more Reinforcement Packs are added for those in need of even more freedom.

Each Pack is available separately for $2.99 – $3.99.



Specialized equipment for the HELLDIVER that truly needs to stand their ground against the enemies of mankind.

  • AT-47 Anti-Tank Emplacement: A well armored manually operated gun emplacement.
  • Anti-Personnel Barrier: An airdropped barbwire fence capable of slowing incoming enemies.
  • SH-32 Directional Kinetic Shield: Projects a shield in front of the wearer and will slow down incoming projectiles, significantly lowering their damage potential.



The Pistols Pack is a collection of unique and highly specialized sidearms.

  • P-6 ‘Gunslinger’: A heavy sixshooter revolver. Packs a real punch and comes with built in lasersight.
  • FLAM-24 ‘Pyro’: A compact, short range powerful flamer.
  • PLAS-3 ‘Singe’: Plasma pistol based on the experimental technology of the PLAS-1. It fires superheated gas that explodes on contact with it’s target.



The Vehicles Pack is a collection of highly specialized vehicles. Not normally deployed on missions with Helldivers, they are excellent assets for when you need some fast transportation or some heavy armor.

  • TD-110 ‘ Bastion’: A small mobile tank destroyer, prized for its incredibly powerful main gun, large ammunition storage, and heavy armor.
  • ‘Hammer’: A sturdy combat motorcycle complete with sidecar. This lightly armored vehicle is excellent for when you want to move fast. Upgrades with a standard machine gun.
  • EXO-51 ‘Lumberer’: An anti-tank specialized exosuit incorporating a 90mm cannon and a flamer.


Following HELLDIVERS amazing success on the PS Store, today we are very happy to announce that HELLDIVERS: SUPER-EARTH ULTIMATE EDITION will launch at select retail stores and PlayStation Store on August 18th



  • HELLDIVERS™PS4 Game on Blu-Ray
  • HELLDIVERS™ PS3 and PS VITA digital games
  • 11 DLC packs + bonus weapons pack + PS4 Dynamic Theme


The War can not wait. It is every adult and child’s responsibility to contribute in all ways they can. We have a responsibility as human beings to bring the freedom we enjoy to all reaches of the galaxy!


20 responses to “HELLDIVERS: MASTERS OF THE GALAXY expansion deploys today! + HELLDIVERS to launch on BLURAY”

  1. Vincent says:

    When will the bonus weapon pack come out too for purchase? Aug 18 as well?

  2. Tamagorja says:

    I have Helldivers Masters of Galaxy, how I can update to SUPER-EARTH ULTIMATE EDITION

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      If you are missing any DLC that are in the Super-Earth Ultimate Edition, you can find them in the PS Store. The Ultimate Edition mostly contains the older DLC that has been available to digital users before, plus a new weapon pack and Theme for your PS4.

    • Helldivers Player says:

      Super Earth Ultimate Edition come with not only 2 Helldivers games, the standard ‘cross-buy’ package, but also a 3rd expansion called Democracy Strikes Back. Democracy Strikes Back also increases the level cap from 30 to 50 or it increases the maximum player level to 50.

  3. Marcus Brooks says:

    They should make a melee weapons dlc pack. Have them as Perks like the Side arm pack, and for larger weapons have them deployed as a two handed weapon stratagem. Imo

  4. Jeroen says:

    Just bought the ultimate edition based on reviews + big fan of Verhoevens Starship Troopers movie. Absolutely love the game; great work.

  5. dfox2116 says:

    a day ago
    Hi guys just wanted to say I love this game, I don’t know if you guys take suggestions or not but I wanted to make a small one that I think most players would enjoy. I was wondering about the addition of rescue missions. Some helldivers don’t make it to the shuttle for extraction. In that case the surviving members can vote to go once more into the lion’s mouth to rescue their missing comrade. The planet will be one big question mark and all rescue missions are automatic helldives (since the enemy has just been attacked, they are on high alert) without the bonus. The pow will be captured ( if bugs he will be kept in a bug nest for food, if cyborg he will be in a cage waiting for “modification” , if iluminate he will be kept in a force field for “study”. Rescue them and bring them back for extraction. If anyone gets left behind this time it doesn’t matter mission over. Let me know what you guys think or if anyone can improve it id like to hear it. Cheers everyone!

    • Jeroen says:

      I like the idea, a lot.

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      Like I replied to you on one of our other pages, thank you for posting your suggestion! We read all the feedback we get and do take some things into consideration.
      I can’t promise we’ll make any specific change or new game mode, but keep your eyes on this page and we’ll post any news we have! There might be something coming up in the not too distant future :)

    • Helldivers Player says:

      Some advanced algorithms added to the player characters could be used to keep a tally of mia’s, missing in action, or in othe words those players that are left behind. That way a number could be generated that could be displayed in the game. This number of Helldivers whom were unable to evacuate for one reason or another would bring light to the issue so those lost may not die in vain. Spend $50,000 to $80,000 going to University or College, maybe obtain some advanced degrees for extra credit, and that would be on track to make some fun games the entire world can play. Or if there was some code somewhere, a little elbow grease and some know how may generate the advanced algorithm with brain power. That way the Helldivers will have a reminder of those who were left behind and they will live on in hearts and minds.

      • dfox2116 says:

        That could work, but I prefer just the added game mode. While keeping track of MIA’s is a good idea I was suggesting a play on the whole “leave no man behind.” I think it would actually help players bond more while playing the game and increase replay ability. Especially if one man gets left behind during a mission and the team has to vote to risk their lives again to go back for him/her. It would definitely make the players think. Anyway that’s my 2 cents. good reply though

        • Helldivers Player says:

          Neat, so I am guessing that you know a game mode would not be an original idea. Adding a game mode would be taking an idea from another multi-million dollar game franchise and the cost of using an idea from one of those companies to make a game could run $100,000,000. The idea uses the physics already developed for video games, an idea called online multiplayer and networks, and a game already produced for the PS4. Aside from that stuff that would be a given the idea of adding a mode to a game would not be yours. To much in a game can hamper replay ability, but in respect to an added replay value Helldivers already has 100+ hours of gameplay. Getting all of the levels to max out the game would take great dedication to the game. There are so many games to play to take all that time, 100s of hours, would be a lot to play only one game….not to say anyone should buy a game and never really play it for one reason or another. A number for the deaths of ‘other’ players was added in an update. Developing greater unity amongst the community with another mode would not be a proven fact as another game mode would produce many reactions. I was thinking about this over the last few weeks. There is not much wrong with a mission to save those left behind. One thing I would say was a mission at the end of a mission may make one mission on a planet take 30+ minutes and that would be a long time in a game. If a planet took one and a half hours on a good run four hours on a poor run is way to long to play. The replay ability of a game may be affected be by tedious game play and the replay ability would be of little substance with this particular game as the maximum level may take 200 hours to achieve. Another Helldivers release when fans, gamers, faithful, console enthusiasts, computer junkies, and who ever else would play is what really keeps the game alive and increases the replay value of the game. It is always fun to go back to the original game in a series and play it. These posts look long on here so I am going to stop. On another note before I go I did see an Arc Gun from the Order 1886 in both Helldivers and Super Time Force Ultra. Anyways these post are way to long to keep talking more about the topic and if I keep going the may be even more typos…..Sent from my PS4

  6. Helldivers Player says:

    I do not think professionals take unsolicited ideas. But since the unsolicited ideas is a reoccuring theme in the gaming community and wee seem to be on it here I would offer this: Helldivers would be great with more power, stronger projectile weapons, and was crossed with Super Time Force Ultra when it came to enhanced weapons. There could also be characters saved and the characters found at different points in Helldivers would become new special characters as an addition to the team like in Super Time Force Ultra. There would also be the addition of PlayStation trophies for each character and for each of the new weapons ie. use pulse cannon to kill 5000 bugs to obtain the ‘bug soup’ bronze trophy. There could also be a charge for the new weapons programmed in by holding down the button. All of this would be a new expansion pack for Helldivers called Helldivers Power Up Edition or Helldivers Double Down Expansion Pack. You would just need the rights to the game from the companies that hold these, some marketing, and a few other things.

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      Thanks for taking the time to send your suggestions! We always read the feedback from the community and take some suggestions into consideration.
      We will of course not make changes that we think will be too far from what the game is meant to be, or would change it too much. There are always many other factors in play like cost and resources, time, other projects, publisher wishes etc. but keep your eyes open and we should have some news in the not too distant future =)

      • Helldivers Player says:

        I will know if there is anything new when it comes to Helldivers. I know a million things about video games. It is funny seeing you here in response to the posts that are on here. That is really neat seeing how you are on the other side of the world. I had no idea you spoke english. I’m the founder of many studios, one of the creators of many, many games, and many more spin offs. I have 20+ years experience make games and in the broader sense of the industry. I have worked with that largest most world renowned companies of our time in different eras. I have been a part of ground breaking moments. I have worked with some of the most famous people on the planet and I have worked with many governments as well. And I guess I have even managed to live long enough to see some of them die. You know the stuff that dreams are made of. I am the best of the best, always good at what I do and everything else, incredible intelligent, far above the rest physically, well to do, and have done many other things than make video games is why I am who I am. I could have done anything with my life and I have always been that way. I remember so many things and as always time changes a lot. I actually enjoy and cherish the memories believe it or not. I’m no different than others some memories are good and some are not. I worked with Sony and another major partner on Helldivers and am said to be a founding member of both Arrowhead and Cappy games. The hampster logo is neat and Cappy gets its name from the latin root of the word of hampster. If I could give someone advice I would say simply always keep going no matter what. I guarantee you’ll have the time of your life doing it. And when you are done you will be very old and can tell your grandkids about it. I am not that old so most people will be old before me. Good Day.

        Sent from my PS4, p.s. I was just playing helldivers. p.s.s seems Microsoft says that it bought Havok

      • Helldivers Player says:

        One another note is the not so distant future Oct 2017? I just did a bunch of that you see and I only have so many lots of two years to my life. If I do that again 2 and 2 is just like 5 the way I see it now. And we all know 5 is half of 10. I thought the last 2 or 3 was worth it. What I’m trying to say is I’m not sure I’ll make it another 2. :) I mean I’ll be there in some way but I would like to do some other things sometimes. :)

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