HELLDIVERS Calling new Recruits for retail deployment today!

Greetings recruit!

The HELLDIVERS have bravely fought the alien threats and thanks to them, Humanity have prevailed in the 6th Galactic War. But how can we rest while so many still suffer outside the Freedom and Democracy that SUPER EARTH brings?

It is our duty to liberate once more! Super Earth Command calls for new heroes to join the ranks of the HELLDIVERS, together we will liberate the stars!

Today Humanity renews the war effort. HELLDIVERS SUPER-EARTH ULTIMATE EDITION is available at your local retailer and on PlayStation Store today (EU from 26th August) with:

  • MORE WEAPONS! Includes over 70 upgradable weapons, perks and stratagems and a bonus Weapons Pack (also available for sale)
  • MORE DEMOCRACY! Now citizens of SUPER-EARTH can proudly show their support with the HELLDIVERS PS4 Dynamic Theme (also available for sale)
  • MORE FREEDOM! HELLDIVERS SUPER-EARTH ULTIMATE EDITION also contains the PS4 Blu-ray, PS3 and PSVITA / PSTV digital games and the Turning up the Heat and Masters of the Galaxy expansions. Fight with fellow HELLDIVERS across platforms to protect Super-Earth!

As with all game development, the road to completing Helldivers has been filled with struggle, success, and learning brand new things (like developing for cross-play, cross-save, and multiple platforms at the same time…phew!) but it’s been a lot of fun. It leaves us with many stories to tell but we can only fit a small part here. We even started filling an entire wall with fantastic community comments!


One of the more memorable days was of course, launch day. We were setting up to livestream the game while having a few good beers and chatting with the viewers. We had a blast seeing Helldivers truly come to life with everyone finally contributing to the Galactic Campaign together, and eventually we decided it might be fun if we joined a random player in our game. After both sides had gotten somewhat confused, it turned out that our new found friend was also streaming his game live all the way from New Zealand. Here we were playing with someone from the very other side of the globe!

Here’s some other great stories from our designer, Patrik Lasota during development and how a few hilarious bugs appeared:

Scared of Heights – we got a report from QA (Quality Assurance) that if your character was injured, and walked on one of the roots spanning the chasms in the desert environment, it would trigger the falling VO, causing the Helldiver to scream for his life as though he was falling to his death. Hilarious when the Helldiver is standing on the edge of a ravine!

(footage captured during alpha testing prior to the game’s launch)

Minidiver – we had a bug for about half a year but didn’t discover until QA pointed it out. The Helldiver would shrink if you entered the hellpod on the bridge, and then exited again. We thought QA was messing with us – I mean, that’s a silly bug and how would it even happen? Well, it turns out that QA had indeed found a bug and we scratched our head for a good while until we realized that we were doing some animation tricks to the Helldiver to get her to fit in the pod. The result was hilarious, making the Helldiver character almost half the original size. A good many laughs were had.

Needless to say, we’ve ironed out a few kinks along the way and we’re excited to launch the most complete HELLDIVERS experience yet with SUPER-EARTH ULTIMATE EDITION. We’ll be glad to welcome all new recruits in game today!

Are you ready to step up and take your place among the HELLDIVERS? Get out there soldier, and #SpreadDemocracy

44 responses to “HELLDIVERS Calling new Recruits for retail deployment today!”

  1. Иван Рычков says:

    Wow, the theme is super! Weapons, too, of course. When will we be able to download those goodies?

  2. Isamu Daison says:

    We need the PSVita retail version!

  3. Dsoul says:

    Wish to say I would buy this but with how the local multiplayer works on the ps3 (last I knew) was a deal breaker. Maybe I will still buy it just to enjoy alone

  4. jakedv says:

    I’ve been quite faithful to this game, now the hardware is out I want the weapon DLC for cheap or for free like ppl who buy the disc is just getting free stuff unlike the digital crowd

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      The weapon pack is available in the PS Store to buy for those that already own the digital version of the game. The DLC and content available on the disch for those that buy retail is also reflected in a higher price for the disc.

  5. Kulo Loli says:

    I have a question about the DLC for the Ultimate Edition. If I use the disc and I give the codes to a friend, since I already own the game, would we both get all the DLC or would only one of us get it?

  6. Houser says:

    Is all dlc installed or do I need to use the code? Code only shows theme ps3/vita

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      If you bought the retail version, all the DLC should automatically unlock when you use the disc. As long as you are playing with the retail version you will have access to the DLC! :)

      • Houser says:

        Thanks! Just wanted to be sure. Loving this game wife got a controller great fun!

      • ChrisMel Apas says:

        Good day sir i bought the retail game of helldivers super earth.i am from philippines.i have a US account and cant redeem the vouchers code.so i made an asian account.i was able to redeem it but among the 3 DLC content only the theme dlc i was able to download.the 2 other dlc which is 2.2gb nd 1.8gb cant be downloaded.do i have the full game of helldivers or is it one of these two dlc for it to be full game?

  7. Houser says:

    No option for dlc just want to ensure I’m doing it right

  8. Dewpa says:

    Why the hell do you release in EU A WHOLE WEEK afterwards???
    Seriously annoying having to wait for the new weapons i thought would be available today for a whole nother week when our american friends are already playing around with them.
    At least release the DLC to us who have been supporting the game for a long time…
    Really dissappointed…

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      Hi, I can understand it’s frustrating. We’re not handling the releases and territories at all though, so you would need to ask Sony. Each Playstation region has their own schedules and decisions so best it to contact your regional branch.

  9. KSib says:

    It’s a shame this didn’t come to pc instead of Magicka.

  10. Dr4g0n says:

    Loads of firepower, now all we need is a few more maps. My moneys on boarding enemy ships with our hellpods that’d be sweet.

  11. Duo Maxwell says:

    I need some clarification before grabbing all the reinforcement DLC. Will my friends who play with me locally can use the same DLC I purchased or we have to bought those 4 times to use them in the same game session?

    I really hope it’s not the latter since the only time I play Helldivers is when we are gathering together.

  12. dante stewart says:

    Yeah boarding and raiding enemy ships would be sweet but what about adding at least one more stragem slot………

  13. Ali Nishaz Didi says:

    I have a question, will the new dlc be available for purchase even if I don’t buy the super earth ultimate edition?

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      Hi, Yes the weapon pack and theme will also be in the PS Store. When it appears may vary a bit with different regions. It should already be there is the US but Europe for example is 26th I believe.

      • Ali Nishaz Didi says:

        Thank you for the reply! I’m in Australia so I think it might be out tomorrow or the day after. Gonna grab it as soon as its out!

  14. tr1bes says:

    I would love to see a 2 pistols action weapons instead of a single pistol. How about a weapon which shoot and explode when impact which affected nearby enemies to get hit as well.

  15. ds says:

    Make right frame modifications psvita

  16. ds says:

    PSVita patch!!!

  17. Andrew Hagan says:

    Ok, like many others, I pesonally LOVE this game, and think it’s the best thing on the market, and probably will be (at least in the area of multiplayer games) for the next year. However, I personally would like to see some new ENEMY TYPES to battle. I’ve mastered killing every enemy from the scouts to the masters with Cyborgs, Illuminates, as well as Bugs. Could we see some new enemies types? Maybe even one or two?? I know this requires a LOT of development, but it would so so so be worth it! Here are my lame suggestions

    1. Species that resemble Ninjas/Samurai (enemies usually wearing all white, black, or red found on Snow and Forest planets primarily), or uses more stealth and hand combat (like the Stalker from the Bug Race) or have a new planet type thats dark and shadowy with lots of traps! You can do this, I’ve seen the art work in Gauntlet!!!
    2. Mutants (not necessarily like Xmen) – able to stretch, move, and use their bodies to create damage and carnage
    3. Warriors – a species that look like animals (as we know them) but are fierce and fighting style resembles that of Spartans
    4. Elemental Beings (Fighting with Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind) You could even design an armor that hold you to the ground from being blown away from the Wind (enemy) creatures. Rock enemies and Earth enemies who use water and wind to kill…Im just saying..
    5. Underwater “Fish Like” People (allowing you to create planets submerged completely under water, and a completely new arsenal of underwater weapons and vehicles). Can be made to look like Squid …and the Tanks can be Huge whales and Giant Crabs…
    6. Another Rogue Human Race (obviously previously unaffected by Super Earth Control) but seeking to free the people of Super Earth from Controlled Democracy

    Just a suggestions….BUT PLEASE GIVE ME SOMETHING NEW SOON!! This game is awesome, and I’m ready for the next Galactic Campaign and I’m hoping it will be awesome. You guys have not yet disappointed. Keep up the great work!!

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      Thanks for all the suggestions Andrew, we love seeing the enthusiasm and creativity spark around Helldivers!
      You’re right in that adding a new race and new planet types would require A LOT of work and time. I can’t promise anything of course as it’s all up to so many factors like resources and time we have, publisher interest in further development, our upcoming projects and so on.
      I can tell you that we have something new coming up in not super long, but can’t give away the secrets yet ;)
      And thank you for the kind words!

      • Andrew Hagan says:

        Thanks, guys for responding to my message!! You are so awesome and you’re quite welcome. THANK YOU for giving us this awesome gaming experience! There’s not been anything else quite like HellDivers ever before, and you guys ROCKED IT! I’m looking forward to this “something new coming up”!! Take care, guys, and thanks again.

  18. digitalnomad says:

    Hi any chance that we will be able to change the psvita controls? I feel that the commands assigned to the dpad the command emotes are completely unnecessary. You can assign weapon change and or grenade to one of the dads buttons. Right now it is not that comfortable and takes a lot away from the game. The command emotes can be assigned to rear touch pad they are not so important. I understand that you want to keep the same experience as in the PS4 and PS3 game but right now its not working so well.

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      Hi, likely we won’t be adding control options as it would be quite a lot of work to add the ability to change them, and with how many functions are interlinked. But I will add to the list that people are still requesting it so we can consider.
      However, most people seem to like them and we might not be able to put the time and budget into that work.

  19. ChrisMel Apas says:

    Good day sir i bought the retail game of helldivers super earth.i am from philippines.i have a US account and cant redeem the vouchers code.so i made an asian account.i was able to redeem it but among the 3 DLC content only the theme dlc i was able to download.the 2 other dlc which is 2.2gb nd 1.8gb cant be downloaded.do i have the full game of helldivers or is it one of these two dlc for it to be full game?

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      Hi there, most of our DLC you don’t need to download, but it’s unlocked directly in the game armoury. Have you checked to make sure it’s not unlocked already?
      If you have further problems with different accounts and regions, best would be to contact Sony as we have no control over the store and regions.

  20. Chester Lee Tyson says:

    Awesome game! I just joined and bought the physical edition. Quick question though. I seem to spawn tons of impalers, but no bug tanks. What gives??? I’m really trying for The Element of Supplies.

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      I will check with the designers if there’s some trick. Perhaps a higher level planet could help?

      • Chester Lee Tyson says:

        Thank you for the quick response! This is why I will continue to support you all! But yes, I was grinding levels 6, 7, and 8. I finally got a suggestion to try level 12. I got the Tank to spawn consistently at that point. From there, I just had to fine tune my method. I think the problem is with the update that added the Impaler. The spawn rate is much higher than the Tank it seems. This may be to be rebalanced if your dev team has the time. Again congrats on the units sold, and I look forward to your next projects. Please don’t forget the Vita, as some dev teams and publishers do!

        • ArrowheadGS says:

          Thanks for reporting. We did some tests and got tank spawns at level 6, but we’ll keep our eyes on it during testing today and see if something seems off.
          And thanks for the support!

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      The Tanks start to appear at difficulty 5, Impalers at difficulty 4. Are you playing 5 or above?

  21. Omo Oxi says:

    I and many of my friends have ps vita and I am very sorry that there is no ad-hoc mode in helldivers.The presence of ad-hoc mode will make the game with the immortal cooperative and become very popular among portable games

  22. Conor Phillips says:

    hmmm i seem to keep having trouble with getting kicked from the game and
    once with the whole game just shutting down….also why dont you offer
    that trainee scarf thing as an option i hate wearing a cape they seem off
    putting to me.

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