Arrowhead is hiring a ton of Artists!

Wow! What a crazy time it’s been over here at Arrowhead recently! We’ve shipped both Gauntlet and Helldivers, and they’re out in the wild putting smiles on peoples faces and pushing friendships to their limits.

So that means we’re starting work on something new; and by golly, this new thing’s freakin’ amazing! Seriously.
We’re taking the next step with the studio now, going into the realm of bigger projects and raising the bar of quality in our games, while retaining all of the Arrowhead spirit and core values.

What does this all mean? Well; it means we’re hiring! Big time. If you’re an artist, who’s talented, experienced, passionate and down-right fantastic then get your browser over to our jobs page to start applying.

With all the new faces heading to the studio we’re going to need some more seats; so as well as starting a mind-blowingly cool project we’re also expanding and renovating our office space. Not only will we fit everyone in, we’re going to fit them in to the most comfiest, shiniest and wonderfullest place ever. It’s going to be, well, wonderful!

They’re very exciting times over here and oh my how they’re going to get even more exciting in the coming months.

So what are you waiting for!? Come join us!

10 responses to “Arrowhead is hiring a ton of Artists!”

  1. cusman says:

    Please let there be more / new Helldivers DLC with more additions on the enemy side than reinforcement packs for the Helldivers. Will look forward to your new project as well, but please don’t think that bigger budget means better game.

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      We might have some more for Helldivers around the corner, but I can’t tell you any details just yet =)
      A new enemy race is unfortunately something which takes a massive amount of time and resources with all the changes that would be needed. Hopefully you’ll enjoy what we have in store though!

  2. Tim N says:

    Helldivers is awesome, make this game better. Will pay. <3

  3. Zoombael says:

    More Helldivers! With Extra Slot for smoke/stun grenades! More/different Species! Gimme! Pweeease!

  4. Tim Kauffman says:

    Thank You for GAUNTLET…I look forward to seeing what lurks around the corner of the deadly GAUNTLET!
    Call me crazy, but if you guys could keep everything that is GAUNTLET, but also open it up to include an overworld outdoor world area, I think that would really be awesome. I keep imagining a GAUNTLET Slayers Edition meets GAUNTLET LEGENDS/WORLD Of WARCRAFT…because the core game mechanics you have are so much more fun than GAUNTLET LEGENDS and WOWs. The only thing missing is a WOW-like world with quests and free roaming exploration and even riding mounts and flight. No joking, I think a game like that would rival the legendary WOW one day.

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      Thank you for playing and the great praise! You have some fun ideas there but they would definitely take a lot of time and resources to create.
      Unfortunately our work on Gauntlet and the support is coming to and end now, and we’re starting to move on with new things. You can read all about that in our latest blog post here.

  5. Helldivers Player says:

    Why not the Golden Axe remake. Golden Axe was always better than Gauntlet and there is so much more there to work with. Both game are in the same arena. Golden Axe was by far one of the best games or arcade games of all time! I thought World of Warcraft was just a Diablo that would cost users much more money?

  6. Tobias Gärtner says:

    My suggestion:
    Make Helldivers2, because it is an awesome game with a huge fan base I think.
    Stay with the amazing coop experience and expand the Helldivers universe in every possible way.
    For example:
    Transfer it to first person view to higher the atmosphere.
    Try to find a way to make objectives inside buildings.
    Make the art style more darker and realistic.
    More different objectives and so on….

    Edit: A social hub like in destiny the tower would be nice

  7. Micsapizza says:

    We want more Helldivers! Best game on ps4 nuff said….

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