The Office Sloth naming competition

UPDATE: Vote here for your top name! Change our Sloth’s destiny… 


I’m Office Sloth and I don’t have a name… Everyone else here has a name… even that beastly dog that always tries to get me… I hope You will want to help me…

arrowhead_office_slothWe are calling out to you all to add your best name suggestions in the comments below. We welcome female, male and neutral names. We will give you about a week to come up with names and then we’ll choose the best ones and set up a poll. The top suggestion then voted by you will be the new name of our Sloth, and the lucky winner of a sweet loot bag!

arrowhead_swag_bagThe prize:

  • Gauntlet t-shirt (Large)
  • Gauntlet intro comic “Darkness Calls”
  • Gauntlet button (with sound!)
  • Gauntlet inflatable hammer
  • Arrowhead mouse pad
  • 2 Helldivers silicone coasters
  • 2 Helldivers pins
  • 4 Helldivers PS4 controller light bar stickers

helldivers_stickers helldivers_pin

Although it may be fun, in certain places, we ask you to refrain from foul language as we won’t choose those suggestions anyway.
You may enter more than one name, but please don’t spam. Choose your best ones.

Please help nameless Sloth, give us what you’ve got!

UPDATE: Vote here for your top name! Change our Sloth’s destiny… 

77 responses to “The Office Sloth naming competition”

  1. Dre Silva says:


  2. Zvindea says:

    Lasato or baver

  3. John Frazar says:

    How about Schwifty? Or Karl!

  4. pbomark says:

    You should name it Pohan.

  5. Calum Thompson says:

    Rumpleforeskin – Rumpski for short….

  6. Hansel Tjia says:


  7. sbvr6 says:


  8. Henrik Skage says:


  9. Christine Hedström says:

    I think Sluggish or Tardy Hardy would be a good name ?

  10. Ariath Ssp says:


  11. Madeleine Vikner says:

    His name is Megalonyx!
    Which means “giant claw” and is the name of the giant sloth, big as an elephant, that lived during the latest ice age.
    Onyx for short :-)

  12. Oscar Johansson says:

    Carl XVII Gustaf

  13. cusman says:

    1. Slotherin
    2. Winslow

  14. Sean Darko says:


  15. Louis-David Germain says:


  16. Jose Fuentes says:


  17. ELTIKEI says:

    “a Game for Everyone is a game for No one.”


  18. Joel says:


  19. Barry says:

    Surely every Arrowhead needs a Bowbum……

  20. Иван Рычков says:

    Namey McSloth, Gauntley, Divey

    And some Russian names:
    Pus’ka(cute), Droog, Druzhok(friend), Dobrik(kind one), Pushistik(fluffy)

  21. Lane says:

    Mr Rogers!

  22. Virtualman007 says:

    Guntsloth or Zaboomagoo!! Or shorten it up zaboo / magoo

  23. Jumberlack says:

    I always found that sloths look like steve buscemi so i vote the name Bushemee

  24. Trey Stepaniak says:


  25. Jamin Fuller says:

    Doodle! :D

  26. Howard says:

    Hell Egg!!

  27. Nicholas Mundy says:

    Simon the Sloth.

  28. Bigface says:


  29. Bigface says:

    Or using a “What’s Your Sloth Name” sheet based on first, middle, and last names (Ar Row Head):

    Molasses the Lethargic Saviour

  30. Bigface says:

    And lastly, I think Chewie is best.

  31. Orbinauticus says:

    Fliukka! Its the old frankish root for arrow! Or Fliuk! For shorts

  32. matias albornoz says:

    Mr. Yawn

  33. Rolando Roca says:

    Tina if its a girl sloth, Mr. Skyppy or slothy it’s if a guy! By the way I think he should have helldivers gear on!

  34. John Doe says:

    Hug-Hug the sloth.
    A sloth that healed you

  35. TheLBCGuy says:


    [and while I’m posting here, a big thank you for giving us Helldivers and a new Gauntlet]

  36. ArrowheadGS says:

    Great, keep the names coming! We welcome both female, male and neutral names.

  37. EventSequenceParadox says:

    SirGnaws SlothsALot!! HALPZ!!!

  38. Bug No673 says:

    SL-07 “The Rocket ” demotivation unit

  39. Frank Meijer says:

    Mr. Oizzz

  40. Patrick Schwarz says:

    Dr. Huggable, Khan, Mr. or Mrs. McCuddly.

  41. Shadowfire says:

    “Flint”, since arrowheads are often made of flint.
    “Helmaggause”, A mashup of your games HELldivers + MAGicka + GAUntlet + the Showdown Effect

  42. Christ says:

    He looks like a Charlie to me! It seems like an innocent and nice name for a sloth.

  43. Anthony says:

    I’m saying Bernie. He looks like a Bernie.

  44. Timothy Malouff says:

    How about either Oliver or Diggle after the character’s from the Arrow TV Series

  45. TheNinth says:

    Menomavlad or Menny for short
    Emmenovampir or Emmet for short
    Dunker (not dunka)
    Snöre (clearly his slowness is from winter debuffs and he’s sleeping it off)

    I’d go for some Showdown references but they’re all amazing puns anyway

  46. hodgepodge087 says:

    “Kiwi” cause it looks like one to me.

  47. Payton Urry says:

    Cortex, Gary, David, Margaret, Nancy

  48. Kethla says:

    Bob, just Bob

  49. jimmy jams says:

    cubbies worth or stretch

  50. MikeHollstrom says:

    Sloth Manley

  51. loadstone007 says:

    Lazyhead (sounds a bit frisky?)
    Lord of the Sloths (LoS)
    Sir Yawn-alot

  52. Josh Taylor says:

    Get him a brother, and call them “Lock & Load”, because no one wants to be an only sloth child. :)

  53. FED says:

    Flash, obvs

  54. Tailor Cavalheiro says:




  55. Eric T. Witham says:

    Since me and my 5 yo daughter Lenore beat it (on Easy) I’ll let her make a suggestion: her name should be Rosetta.

  56. Kinho says:


    Sounds good and you guys can say “people is laying down on my desk/chair/pc/etc” or yet “our dog cant let people alone!” or anything like that.

    Btw, nice job with Helldivers translation to brazilian portuguese! First game i’m ok with the dub! A lot better than TLOU and MK

  57. Gui Moecke says:

    Name him Camacho!

    Because sloth BRINGS IDIOCRACY o/

  58. ArrowheadGS says:

    Thanks everyone for suggesting some awesome names! We will be collecting them together over the next 24 hours and picking our top ones. You will then be able to cast your vote in a poll later this week to finally name our Office Sloth…with the winner receiving a nifty loot bag!

  59. moriarty_1975 says:


    Because why not?


  60. Tyler says:

    “Gezi” the keen eyed sloth

  61. californaya says:

    I’d name him Rip, for Rip Van Winkle.

  62. kevling says:

    Harold – famous for taking an Arrow to the Head (well, to the eye).

  63. Diego Matias says:

    Call him ‘Arrow’. Elegant name for an elegant animal. Or, as we say here in Brazil:, ‘Flecha’.

  64. Larry Medina says:

    Remember the moorish Conqueror who fell in love with the Sicilian princess?
    His name was Otelo or Othello.
    The dog and sloth is called an unnatural love but who is to name love but love it’s self! Hehehe?
    Let’s call the sloth Othello or Otelo bc LOVE WINS in this dog and sloth show!

  65. Larry Medina says:

    I still playing gauntlet every day. Love this! I play solo because……..because!

  66. Benjamin Sweetnam says:

    Aergia (Greek: Ἀεργία, “inactivity”)[1] is a goddess in Greek mythology, a personification of sloth and laziness. She is the daughter of Aether and Gaia. She is said to guard the court of Hypnos in the Underworld.

  67. miggzzz82 says:


    Squinty the sloth, because it sorta looks like it’s squinting.

  68. Sebastián Nieva says:

    “Super Cuate”

  69. ArrowheadGS says:

    Thanks for sending in your suggestions everyone! You can now vote for your top name here and change our little Sloth’s life!

  70. Dave says:

    The destroyer of world’s :) now this is an office title

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