Gauntlet Development Coming To An End

Gauntlet Players,

It has been a busy year since our vision and remake of the arcade classic Gauntlet was released. In that time we have not only released one version, but recently released our newer, shinier updated version as well – Gauntlet: Slayer Edition – on both PC and PlayStation 4 console.

While it has been great working with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the development phase and our time together is now drawing to a close and Arrowhead’s involvement with the support of the game will come to an end. This means we likely will not release any more patches for the game. If anything were to ever change in the future we will of course keep the Gauntlet community updated.

Frogwing and ForeverAPeon from Arrowhead will still be available in the Steam forum to chat and answer questions (and always on our brand new website of course!), but we ask all of you to continue to report any issues with a ticket to Warner Bros. Support, found here (use Ask a question in the top), so that they can keep up to date with the current status and possibly arrange patches for major problems.

We thank every single one of you for supporting us along this journey. It has been an incredible experience to work on one of our childhood favorite games and so much fun remaking this classic. We can only hope that you have enjoyed playing as well, and will continue having fun with friends for a long time to come.

On a final note, as a parting gift we have made sure that the Gauntlet pre-order items will be available for all PC players for free beginning today.

– The Arrowhead Team



28 responses to “Gauntlet Development Coming To An End”

  1. Shane Dunbar says:

    Slayer Edition turned Gauntlet into console garbage. Don’t get me wrong I spent hours playing vanilla Gauntlet and loved it. now all that time wasted just to get a little more damage to mobs or just beating it to get the cool armor. Now just play for a few hours and have everything. Sorry but we dont play this anymore.

    • Chaos Spectre says:

      Slayer edition feels way more like original gauntlet which is what people wanted.

      The constant grind was irritating. My friends and I rarely played the game before the Slayer Edition update, mostly because what we used to play as a party game in the originals, became a trudge through a time consuming mass of levels that didn’t get very far and didn’t feel very fun.

      Maybe the “leveling” scheme was great for people who played primarily by themselves, but for people who wanted to play a multiplayer arcade game, the game didn’t do well at delivering and the leveling system only made it feel worse. Being on even ground made things a lot more enjoyable amongst people because then when people who weren’t able to play as much got to play, they weren’t a simple add on to the rest of the party who had increased stats.

      • Dain Q. Gore says:

        It’s amazing how everyone wants something completely different from games, especially when a revision or remake comes out. Vanilla anything will always be better to some, and revisions/sequels/etc. always better to others, while still others refuse to play because a bug was found. In this particular case also amazing that so many that never played or grew up with the original constantly compared it to Legends.

      • Aiden0121 says:

        Not me and my dad. We want another game like gauntlet dark legacy. That was the best gauntlet game in my opinion. Would love to buy either a remake of it or a new similar style gauntlet game with a long campaign. Would pay mad money for it if they put it on xbox one…

      • Aiden0121 says:

        And also if that was the case then they wouldnt be dropping support for the game even though it was released in 2014. Gta V was the second selling game in feburary 2016 and it came out in 2013. So obviously your point is invalid.

  2. Anthony says:

    Having just discovered this game on console in August, I’m pretty bummed about this news. I know you all at Arrowhead have a big project upcoming but it sucks to see Gauntlet abandoned like this. Thanks for the heads up though.

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      Hi Anthony! I wouldn’t say we have abandoned it – remember that we first started working on Gauntlet a couple of years ago now and it was first released on PC in 2014. We’ve been working with Gauntlet for quite a long time now and naturally development comes to an end at some point :)
      – ForeverAPeon

      • Mikhail Largegenitalia Mushufa says:

        Development: The process of developing or being developed.
        Support: To give assistance to.

        Development stops once a game is released. Anything after that is support.
        Support is not development. Ceasing support is abandonment.

      • Cheng Yu says:

        Will you ever consider creating another Gauntlet game? The 2014 version had a lot of potential but was too short IMO.

  3. Otto van Zanten says:

    Since community isn’t gonna be a big part of the game anymore, maybe allow us to just save when we want? That way this game is also playable for people who just like to play 15 minutes at a time :)

  4. PS4 Faithful says:

    What about us ps4 players ? Shouldn’t we get a prying gift as well or are we not worthy ?

    • PS4 Faithful says:

      Departing gift

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      Unfortunately the process isn’t as simple as just unlocking them on the PS4. On PC the items were already in and tested and it was pretty much ‘pushing a button’. On the PS4 most of them haven’t been around before and would require some QA and Store process. We are continuing to look into if something would be possible though!

  5. Pheist Ewon says:

    It’s a fun game. I have not had any stability issues or game breaking bugs. So, as long as the game remains that way, this news doesn’t really bother me.

  6. Tim Kauffman says:

    Is there any chance this could be picked up again and continue working on it at some point in the future?
    This has such a solid foundation of awesomeness the possibilities seem endless for continuing it’s growth!
    Unless you guys are doing something similar to this and it will be called something different.
    This was the funnest video game I have ever played and I’ve played a lot.
    “GAUNTLET Regeneration”??? ;)

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      Hi Tim! We aren’t sure of the future possibilities since Warner Bros. own the Gauntlet IP. Whatever happens with the future of Gauntlet would be up to Warner! Nice to hear that you’ve enjoyed it so far though :D
      – ForeverAPeon

      • Tim Kauffman says:

        I hope you get the green light from Warner Brothers to continue developing the deadly Gauntlet.

        I’m looking forward to any news about your big upcoming project. :)

  7. TheShuckie says:

    Hey, are you guys going to make an Xbox One edition of Gauntlet: Slayer Edition? I’d really like to play it with my friends who also have Xbox One’s

  8. Ryan Pilkington says:

    awe, you guys totally should have left it how gauntlet legends was with the door ways to each level and just expanded it, also maybe could have made it a lil longer you know??? like Gauntlet on 64 or Gauntlet: Legends on ps2. that would have been fun, and maybe some more characters?? or skins for them?? thatd be cool..

  9. Guest says:

    You need to start up development again, just for me. I’m on XB1. Do it right now. :P

  10. Kabao Lor says:

    I wish that Arrowhead would continue to make more gauntlet games and recreate Gauntlet: Dark Legacy for the PS4.

  11. Kamilosser says:

    When this game was for free on ps+ i was like “meeh what is this?!”. Now it is my favourite co-op game! I’am so glad that i discovered this game. If there will be another Gauntlet i will definitely buy it :)

  12. Tokyo Rose says:

    I really love this series as a whole and would’ve liked to see more Gauntlet games in the

  13. Nick Ayala says:

    How much must I invest to get a reboot of Gauntlet of Dark Legacy playable on the Xbox 1 X?

  14. russell kent says:

    Would you ever consider selling the rights to the game so some else could continue the franchise? Rather than just sitting on a great name?

    • Unfotunately it’s not Arrowhead that hold the rights, but Warner Bros. and we made Gauntlet with them. It would have to be up to them if they want to continue with the franchise, but we can always hope!

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