HELLDIVERS: Democracy Strikes Back released today!

Citizens of SUPER-EARTH,

We wish you a very glorious LIBERTY DAY! In celebration of this magnificent day in history, we are excited to announce HELLDIVERS™ DEMOCRACY STRIKES BACK – the latest free content expansion for HELLDIVERS™, available today on the PS4™, PS3™ and PS Vita systems.

We are committed to renewing our efforts against the enemies of Super Earth. No longer will we let them threaten us and attack our home cities. It is time to strike back, to make a stand for Democracy to ensure the future of Humanity.



RETALIATORY STRIKE Mission – Drop down into the enemy strongholds and liberate! Expect wave after wave of enemies to resist your presence.

Rise up the ranks! – HELLDIVERS™: DEMOCRACY STRIKES BACK also adds 20 new ranks raising the MAX to 50!
Players have asked us for more leveling content and we are happy to oblige. Reaching rank 50 will be a long journey for the most hardcore of players.

The expansion will also be accompanied by the release of additional DLC reinforcements; the Terrain Specialist and the Precision Expert, available for purchase today.



Terrain Specialist Pack trailer

When you need a team to move fast through difficult terrain, the terrain specialist is the Helldiver to call upon. Equipped with adaptive terrain gear that can protects the wearer from any weather, and with boots capable of compensating for difficult terrain, they feel at home in any environment.


The Terrain Specialist Pack contains:

  • All Terrain Boots Perk – The Helldiver All Terrain Boots lowers the slowing impact of difficult terrain. Great for snow planets or when you need to cross a swamp.
  • Missile Barrage Stratagem – A portable missile battery fires a salvo at the targeted location, pretty much obliterating anything in the targeted area.
  • The Terrain Specialist Uniform, a cosmetic helmet, armor, and cape.


Precision Expert Pack trailer

Equipped with specialized measuring gear, these Helldivers excel at landing precision strikes and in a shorter time than other Helldivers would. When you absolutely must hit with your stratagem, and in a timely manner, this is your Helldiver.


The Precision Expert Pack contains:

  • Precision Call In Perk – Better targeting data when you are calling in Stratagems allows them to be delivered faster. Stratagem call in time is lowered by 1 second.
  • Precision Artillery Strike Stratagem – An artillery strike fired in a tight cluster with top modern homing rounds able to alter their trajectory. It uses the same targeting algorithm as the Railcannon strike.
  • The Precision Expert uniform, a cosmetic helmet, armor, and cape.

We hope that we will welcome many new players to HELLDIVERS™, and that players, old and new, will enjoy the new content.

It is time to liberate once more…again!


52 responses to “HELLDIVERS: Democracy Strikes Back released today!”

  1. Bug No673 says:

    Yaaaaay!! Finally!
    This armor is getting more and more awesome with every next reinforcement!

  2. ELTIKEI says:

    I love you guys and HELLDIVERS :D

    Have a happy liberty day!

  3. Carlos Levario says:

    I love this game! I love how unpredictable each mission is! You should implement some type of duel stat perks that are alot more difficult to obtain. Oh and a specialization system that is exp based that gives passive boost depending on equipment most used. Oh and the ability to unlock different color palettes for your helldivers! Just ideas I have but regardless thank you guys for such a great game!

  4. Mattie Forte says:

    Thank you so much!

  5. LRicaldi says:

    God I love your games.. wish you could make gauntlet 2 in the future as well…

  6. Christ says:

    Yes! I’ve been waiting since Summer! When I saw that Liberty Day was in October, I marked my calendar right way! I can’t believe it’s finally here!

  7. Wristhulk says:

    I…don’t understand. I see the new loading screen, but don’t see any of the new dlc packs or perks of anything. Did I miss something?

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      The DLC packs should be in the Sony store. They may be a little later coming to your store depending on your region :)

      • P.R. says:

        I’m in Canada and also own the Super-Earth Edition, got the update but still do not see the new DLC.

        Is there a delay ? or am I missing something ?

        • ArrowheadGS says:

          Different Sony regions update their stores on their own schedule, we’re not able to look into it and you might be able to get more information directly from your own region. Hopefully it will be available in Canada very soon!

          • P.R. says:

            Yeah, just got them last night. Thanks for the reply and great addons.

            I bought the ultimate edition and will buy these 2 packs to support you guys. This game is great and lots of fun.

            Since each games takes 10 to 15 minutes its my go to game when I want to play and have limited time. Please continue to support it and add cool features.

  8. GeneralPorky says:

    Hi Arrowhead I bought the super-earth ultimate edition on a secondary account due to country changes, I received all the previous dlcs on my main account, however the 2 new dlcs arent showing up on my main account but it is on my secondary account. Please I feel very ripped off at the moment.

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      Hello, DLCs are unlocked on the account that you buy them on, unfortunately this is nothing we can change. You can always contact Sony to see if they are able to migrate any content due to your country change. We have no control over people’s PSN accounts I’m afraid. Possibly they might be able to refund you, but this is nothing we can promise in their place.

      You can also get accesss to DLC on a second local account, if the account that bought the DLC is also logged in, in game.

  9. Enrico Maria Bisetto says:

    Marvelous! Bravi!

  10. erapago says:

    I want to be sure I get this right – people who own the Super Earth Ultimate Edition get this for free, right?
    If so, is there any way to upgrade my Masters of the Galaxy edition to that one?


    • ArrowheadGS says:

      I believe Sony tried to grant it to people who bought it, but you should really contact them to make sure, and if you can upgrade your version. We don’t have any control over the store or different versions and bundles and it’s only Sony who can look into people’s accounts.

  11. The Chensta says:

    I’m not sure if its only me or not but the ps vita version doesn’t give you the extra DLC content, I paided for the Terrain Specialist pack, and it doesn’t show up in game. :/

    • Bug No673 says:

      Same thing with me, but I bought both of them and they just not displaying, even as a locked content.

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      Sorry to hear you are having problems!
      Make sure you have a look in the Stratagem and Perks menus and among the outfits that it hasn’t unlocked unnoticed. Also make sure that you got a receipt from Playstation/Sony of your purchase (usually an email).
      If it’s definitely not there we will of course notify Sony and make sure they look into it. It would be helpful if you send us an email with your problem and also what region you’re in so we can tell them.

      • Bug No673 says:

        My DLCs counts as bought. But they are not in the game. Looks like something is wrong with the Vita version. So, now I am waiting for the patch, that will fix this.

      • The Chensta says:

        I reinstalled helldivers all together, it works now. Thanks!

        • shahreyzal raviera says:

          hello . can i ask u :) you reinstalled all together ? how about your hero level ? it starts from 1 or it still at the same level :) thanks

    • shahreyzal raviera says:

      same problem goes :(

  12. KJraptor says:

    Another great update! I really hope you guys continue to support this game. I buy every piece of dlc. That’s how awesome this game is :)

  13. Surindu De Silva says:

    make sure to check under perks. I too play this game on my vita, but unfortunately the DLC didn’t appear on the Canadian vita psn store. So I accessed the psn store via my pc then purchased it, and it’s now available in game.

    It might take a couple of hours sometime for the new content to show up in game due to server issues I think, also before purchasing I didn’t see any locked content in game.

    Also I feel like ps vita load time has improved by llke 5 secs as it loads in about 45 secs, if so Kudos Arrowhead

  14. Vazzof says:

    excellent expansion :) the next expansion there could be heavy weapons plasma and laser :)

  15. Vazzof says:

    if in the future there will be another expansion could add new planets and new heavy weapons plasma and laser . however, this expansion is now Out This is really good

  16. Niric R says:

    Hey Guys! I just got the physical copy of the Super-Earth Ultimate Edition and it automatically upgraded me to the Democracy Strikes Back version but it didn’t give me the Terrain Specialist and Precision Expert Packs. Is this normal? Are they supposed to be included? Does the digital version of Super-Earth Ultimate Edition include it but not the physical copy? Could you guys clarify this detail for us? Thanks!


  17. Joshua Stewart says:

    I love this game, it keeps bringing me and a friend back all the time. one thing I have to wonder though is if you could perhaps think of attachments for weapons? It would be a great boon for those less coordinated on twin sticks like I to have the laser as an attachment rather than a perk.

    Keep up the work.

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      That’t great to hear! Just what wwe hoped for Helldivers.
      We haven’t planned adding anything like that to the weapons as it would require quite a bit of work and for us to remake the user interface to make room for this.
      We feel that one of the best things about our games is that the player needs to improve rather than leveling and adding things that help the character and we wouldn’t want to ruin that. i hope you continue having fun and become better and better with it!

  18. Aj Matias says:

    Hi I got the physical copy of helldivers for ps4 and used the code to download the game on my ps3. I just wanted to ask if it includes the Terrain Specialist DLC pack on the ps3, how do I access the DLC if its included? Thanks

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      Hello! Since the Terrain Specialist was released after the SEUE my guess would be that is is not included, though you can always double check with Sony :)

  19. cristiano says:

    Hello! Since the firs time I played Helldivers, I knew it had a lot of potential , it’s so much fun both online and coop offline, is simply amazing! I had an idea and I believe it could yield good money to Arrowhead Studios. A new mission type: ” Base invasion ” with some specific spots to call down strategies, players would be forced to use more equipment and less air strikes, in workforce would trigger panels, would plant bombs and traps, destroying important stuff of our enemies, imagine invade a hive of bugs , destroy a industrial building of cyborgs and bridges made of light by illuminatis. I would pay for it , a whole new experience so would require a lot of work, but it would take Helldivers to another level . Thanks for listening, I trust your creativity and talent, keep going Arrowhead.

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      Hi Cristiano, thank you for the wonderful compliment and idea! We aren’t quite sure of our future plans with Helldivers, but all the ideas submitted by the players do provide a great source of inspiration for us. Base Invasions do sound like they could be fun, but I am unsure about the technical details with implementing something like this. As always I can’t promise anything, but your suggestion is passed along to the team :)

      • cristiano says:

        Thank you for answering ! I’ll understand if something is not possible, imagined it when I saw my wife playing Helldiver’s training when she played the first time and realized the possibility of playing Helldivers within constructions . Another idea I had was to call capsules with robots . I hope you enjoy and consider , thank you again for answering .

  20. roy Macoy says:

    I keep getting a no connection between ships and teleport failed message everytime I try a public game. What’s going on? My connection works fine

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      Hi Roy,

      I am sorry to hear you are having problems :( We can see players are still experiencing issues unfortunately.

      We have investigated our servers carefully and they have been running fine throughout this, but we are noting in some other games’ forums there are similar disconnect issues as well.

      Two important things to note though:

      Our servers only handle keeping track of the status of the Galactic Campaign. There is no communication with them at all going on during a mission.

      Helldivers uses P2P servers (no dedicated servers), meaning users connect directly to each other over PSN. Our own servers don’t handle anything regarding user to user connections.

      All additional info we have about this problem can be found in the Helldivers Support thread. It also has some tips you can try yourself to improve your chances of success:


      We are continuing to work together with Sony to get to the bottom of the PSN players disconnects, and will keep the above forum thread updated as soon as we know anything new.

  21. Eh? says:

    Got the PS4 version when it was free with PS+. Me and my brother have been playing through it, and really enjoying it. I’ve had a two of problems-
    1. The DLC packs that were included show up as purchased and installed, but nothing in them shows up in game.
    2. Various graphical and slowdown issues.

    The second isn’t annoying me as much, but the first is frustrating. Any help?

  22. Luiz Carvalho says:

    Hello there, i’ve bought the complete edition Super earth. But my “all terrain boots” don’t have instaled… What i have to do? My system is the PS3. Tkx.

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