Arrowhead at Comic Con Stockholm 2015

This past weekend Arrowhead had the privilege to attend Comic Con Stockholm 2015. We built our biggest booth so far (when not exhibiting together with our publishers) and showed off our latest games – HELLDIVERS and GAUNTLET: Slayer Edition.

arrowhead-comic-con-01We put a lot of effort in making the booth cool and inviting, and had ordered a number of specially made items for the event, such as the huge wall banners and some special Arrowhead-branded gaming tables and chairs. Very fancy!

arrowhead-comic-con-02It was very exciting to arrive and view the big arena where everything would take place, and frankly quite awe inspiring before all the guests filled up the place, while you could get a sense of the scale of things.

During Saturday you could barely walk along the aisles for all the people.

During Saturday you could barely walk along the aisles for all the people.

Someone just parked their car on the show floor. What a tool.

Someone just parked their car on the show floor. What a tool.


Super Earth Command – ready to recruit more Helldivers!


Wonder if this Helldiver prefers the flame thrower…

Me and my colleague Lucy also started a competition to amuse ourselves; the goal was to try to get special characters to wear our cape.

I gave it a try introducing the Swedish Armed Forces to Helldivers, seeing as the Helldivers are future Super Earth’s Armed Forces. They were very positive to the game and thought we should send over good players for recruitment in their booth, but unfortunately didn’t include capes in their uniform regulations. Thank goodness future army uniforms have improved.

Lucy boldly made an attempt with Darth Vader (who we had decided was almost an auto win) but to no luck. I suppose he was already satisfied with his cape.

We got another couple of awesome contestants up for debate though. Who do you think would generate the highest point for this capture?


The crazy talented people at Pilerud’s cosplay and Arty Anna Cosplay “kindly” agreed to eat a Helldiver



We don’t know who cosplayed this creepy Venom unfortunately

It was a manic three days, with thousands of people milling around the event arena. We had queues and queues of people waiting to play Helldivers and Gauntlet. Despite the exhaustion we had so much fun chatting to all the people who so kindly dropped by to speak to us! There was so much support and love for our games – we were very proud to be there.arrowhead-comic-con-08

The Admiral watches over her new recruits

The Admiral watches over her new recruits

arrowhead-comic-con-06Both the Gauntlet and Helldivers seats were always busy, and people of all ages gave the games a try.

arrowhead-comic-con-07We gave out free goodies to everyone and a limited amount of awesome Helldivers capes. As you can imagine, the capes were one of the most popular items and we had everyone asking about them! To win a cape players had to take part in a challenge – successfully complete a level 5 difficulty mission.


Go forth brave new Helldivers!


This group was one of the most excited and proud to finally win their capes

But don’t worry! If you did not get the chance to drop by Comic Con and win one, we did manage to save a few at the office for future giveaways. Just remember to keep an eye out on our website and social media for your chance to get your hands on one in the future!


This is Robert Wagman who even got his cape signed by Sabaton members. He let us know that the singer had also played Helldivers which we think is pretty cool.


This must be the group who fought the hardest to win their capes. They spent all Sunday in our booth and finally got their capes a minute before the convention closed. We’re very happy for them!

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  1. ELTIKEI says:

    What a lovely capes!

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    Looks like a great time!

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