HELLDIVERS troops deploy on PC today!

Today Arrowhead and Super Earth Command welcomes all brave PC players to the Helldivers!

HELLDIVERS™ is now available to play on Steam and you can find your nearest recruitment center (store page) right here.

If you play on Steam and find someone with [Arrowhead] before their name today, you’re probably playing with a dev. They’re also mostly Rank 50.


Citizens, make the most important decision of your life and join the Helldivers! We have a responsibility to liberate all who suffer outside the Freedom and Democracy that Super Earth brings.



HELLDIVERS™ for $19.99

HELLDIVERS™ Digital Deluxe Edition (Game + all DLC) for $39.99

HELLDIVERS™ includes all three free expansions for everyone, up to and including the latest – HELLDIVERS™: Democracy Strikes Back

Read more about the expansions here:

Turning up the Heat

Masters of the Galaxy

Democracy Strikes Back

For those who wish to spread even more democracy, individual DLC packs and bundles are also now available.

Citizens of Super Earth, the fate of humanity rests in your hands, we welcome you, your friends and family to report to your nearest recruitment centre for training.


Important safety tips for all new Helldivers:

  • Remember; friendly fire – isn’t.
  • Taking out enemies before they eliminate your squad has proven to substantially increase the likelihood of survival.
  • HELLDIVERS’ uniforms are not fire proof.
  • Being hit by objects, such as Hellpods, launched at supersonic speeds from orbit may cause bodily harm.
  • Other instances beside the government may try to spread false propaganda.
  • Don’t be afraid of dying, another HELLDIVER will take your place.
  • Don’t drink and drive.

So… Are you ready to step up and take your place among the HELLDIVERS?
Get out there soldier, and #SpreadDemocracy today!

32 responses to “HELLDIVERS troops deploy on PC today!”

  1. klemen says:

    can you make the standard version upgradable to deluxe edition for 10€ tnx

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      We can’t do it as prices and bundles are not up to us, but we will forward the wishes!
      It’s possibe to buy a DLC pack with all the stuff in the Deluxe bundle though. Or if you haven’t played the game and bought the wrong version, I think Steam refund system might work and you can buy a new version.

  2. Manuel Cabrera says:

    Is this game cross save with ps? I have been playing helldivers for a quite long on my vita, it would be cool to transfer my account to pc.

  3. Ben says:

    Would there be future plans to allow players to tweak aiming sensitivity? The aiming feels a little sluggish on the PC in certain situations. for example when an enemy pops up suddenly behind you in the midst of a fight and you want to do a 360. May i also suggest to implement crosshair color customization as white tends to blend in with the environment alot.

  4. Golden Neckbeard says:

    Absolutely brilliant.

    As for aiming, initially I was a bit put off by the aiming system due to being used to the twitchy top-down shooter genre default but after a little play it not only feels natural, but if I can be allowed a buzzword, immersive: It’s intuitively consistent with the limitations of a physical body, and knowing where the cursor is always going to start when you initiate aiming frees your attention from continually focusing on your cursor position. Don’t touch it, it’s great.

    I would agree that cursor color options would be a good idea though; definitely do lose it in the mix from time to time.

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      Thanks for the feedback, I can pass the colour option onto the team! As for aiming, this is similar to what we found while play testing – took a little bit to get used to, but in the end we thought this was the best solution :)

  5. Kyle Lantan says:

    Hello, I am absolutely loving the game. My only issue with the game is that certain weapons like the Paragon and the Suppressor grenade rifle are billed as “Semi automatic rifles” then upgrade to Burst or full auto to gain armor piercing upgrades. I like them as Semi auto rifles. Can we get an option, say a little check box to the right of the upgrade to disable an upgrade? For instance I might go to a lower difficulty cyborg mission and I don’t need my Paragon to fire 3 rounds to take out one of the little guys with the machine guns. It wastes my ammo which somewhat irritates me. Thanks. 8)

  6. Χριστόφορος Δρόσος says:

    Are we going to see a DLC that adds story campaign to this game? It’s so awesome game, ita a shame that those who are co-op campaign lovers can’t enjoy it

  7. Christopher says:

    Helldivers is the reason I haven’t gotten much sleep lately. I love the teamwork and maturity of other players on PC.
    Is Mac version in the works?

  8. Samuel Funk says:

    Any chance the development team might add a camera option to allow players to have separate screens so they have a better view of the battlefield around them and wont get stuck between objects and the camera edge?

  9. fireproofjeans says:

    Huge fan of magicka, absolutely loving this game (on PC) so far!

    Are there any plans to allow coloring of the costumes? (It’s a fairly common request over at reddit’s /r/Helldivers)

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      Hello! Ha, yes this question pops up a lot :D Apart from the customization we do include for various Rank ups etc, there are no intentions of allowing any other colouring. This is done mainly from a design point of view, and to fit in with what we imagined the Helldivers to be; they are an elite unit, and act as one whole. We don’t want too much variation to spoil the image.

  10. MentalMiggy says:

    Totally hooked on this game. I normally despise anything ported from console to PC but this has been done extremely well. I know the game has been designed with multiplayer on a single screen in mind, but I’m curious if there are any plans to incorporate any freeroam for players so that they don’t all have to remain on one screen? I know this is unlikely as it probably would mean a lot of recoding but it would add a new dimension to the game.

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      Hi! Thank you for the compliment, glad to hear you like it! Unfortunately it is extremely unlikely the camera will be free roaming as that will change the core of the game from which we originally envisioned.

  11. Xili says:

    Is there, perhaps, any thought of maybe expanding this game with more dlc, now it has come on steam? certainly one of the best games I bought for its price. One of the only I am actually asking dlc for even!

  12. Nasser Ingles says:

    Happy holliday arrowhead studio

    First of all i want to congratulate
    the studio for the good games you made.

    Now i want to suggest some change
    in the helldivers game related whit the end game content.

    1-Could you put the boss in the
    home planet of the race. Don’t make sense that the (masters) are outside the of
    the main planet. They need to be one of objective that people want to battle. I
    now they give a lot of point but you can make them harder or low the 150 point
    to 50 for each played depending on the number of dead. Each dead you can tock
    like 5 or 10 point.

    2-Stop allowing low level player
    playing in high level mission, because this take the mystery of the game from
    them. Other day in steam forum a guy told he play lvl 12 mission from lvl 5 and
    he don’t see any reason to play anymore.

    3-Redising the home planet, they
    need to reflect the technology and cultural appearance of the race. How is
    possible that the home land of the illuminati and cyborg are forest?

    4-En game mission need to reflect
    we are doing a final assault to the home planet, the mission is the same that
    is not good. We need specific mission only find in the home planet like, destroying
    military factory, fight whit bosses, etc. A lot of game have final contect that
    you people can check.

    5-Rewards you people need to put
    some special outfit, gear and weapons for people who attack the home and win
    the mission. You can make a roulette system like all the mmorpg games.

    People need to have a good reason
    to attack the home planet of the enemy.

    Please arrowhead listens to the
    player or someone will, and he/she will copy you marvelous game and make one
    whit the opinion of the game community.

    Sorry for my bad englsih

  13. Heretic says:

    Are you going to fix the matchmaking issue on PC?

  14. Nicolas Petrosino says:

    this game is my favourite of 2015 , it’s awesome ! Best co op game from a long long time , keep updating and adding content , both free and dlc :D ! Good job Arrowhead

  15. Uszatek says:

    I discovered this game just 3 days ago and I’m stunned! Bought steam deluxe edition right away and I don’t regret any eurocent spent. This game is purely amazing! It has been a long time since I played a game that had this “just one more mission before I go to sleep” syndrome. What’s more, it has this great, dense Starship Troopers aura :) which makes it even more fun and cool.

    Thank you for making this awesome game and I hope that you’ll support it for a long time!

    I just hope that this game won’t make me fired from my job – so far I can’t focus at work becouse all I’m thinking is to go back home and play some Helldivers. xD

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