Helldivers CAPE Competition – Winners announced!

The lucky winners are now announced in bottom

Do you have what it takes to proudly wear the Helldivers cape? Do you want to spin around like a true hero of the galaxy? Of course you do! Read on for our competition details of how you can get a hold of your very own Helldivers cape…

The Prize:

To celebrate the last week of Helldivers being on PS+ this February we invite everyone (yes, PC Divers are of course welcome too!) to take part in naming Super Earth’s very own leap year day, just for fun.

We will be having a raffle draw on the 1st of March (which will be recorded and uploaded) of us pulling out a PlayStation Diver’s entry and a PC Diver’s entry. The lucky two Helldivers will then have an awesome cape posted to them immediately!


How to Enter:

Simple! Just think of what you would like the leap year day to be called in the Helldivers universe. You will then need to post in the comment section below, following the exact format given:

Your platform (only write “PlayStation” or “Steam”) – Your entry


Steam – Double Democracy Day!
or PlayStation – Super Earth’s extra day
or PlayStation – Extra Hellday etc.

I’m sure you guys will have better names for this special day than those examples ;D

Important Rules:

  • Only one entry per person, and they have to be made from a logged in Disqus account – no anonymous comments! Anonymous comments will be excluded.
  • Entries only count if they are posted in the comments section below. Do not post on Facebook, Twitter etc. We simply can’t keep track of all the entries otherwise!
  • Entries need to stick to the given format so they are easy for us to sort for the raffle. Any entries which do not follow this format will be excluded!
  • We reserve the right to exclude and entry we deem unfit for a general audience (profanities etc.) or in any way completely inappropriate.
  • On this particular blog post all comments which aren’t entries will be deleted. We need to keep it clear to read and track entries. Sorry! :)
  • All entries must be made by midnight (GMT+1) on February 29th otherwise they will not be included!


We got a good batch of entries, let’s find the winners!

Congratulations winners!

We recorded a video for you of us drawing the winners to make it a little more fun (read awkward) ;)
The winners will now be contacted individually so we may send you a cape right away.
If you didn’t win anything this time, don’t despair. We will hold more competitions and giveaways in the future.

Big congratulations once again!



263 responses to “Helldivers CAPE Competition – Winners announced!”

  1. Cody Bleu Cunningham says:

    Playstation – Gunmass Eve

  2. Jacob Nutt says:

    Steam – Remembering Friends Fallen To Friendly Fire Day.

  3. Dreadborne says:

    Playstation – Dreadmocracy

  4. Suwannee_Gator says:

    PlayStation – Super Earth’s Patriot Day.

  5. ikiK says:

    PlayStation: Cape Spin Day :)

  6. Froguto says:

    Steam – Accidental Day

  7. cusman says:

    Steam – Libertax-Free Day

  8. Steam – Leaperty Day

  9. Eye of the beholder says:

    Playstation – Freedom Day

  10. IRONHATE says:

    Steam – Hellocracy Day!

  11. Timothy Malouff says:

    Playstation – Happy Jetpack Day – Jumping

  12. Vahmose says:

    PlayStation – 366 Days of Democracy Day

  13. Radamier says:

    Steam – Liberty Extension Day!

  14. Pim Dekens says:

    Playstation Libertea celebration day

  15. Gustavo Freitas says:

    Steam – Hellpod-Dropped Day

  16. Sacramento Sharkie Noguez Jr. says:

    PlayStation- Awesome Extra Earth Day!

  17. Hampton says:

    PlayStation – super earth ultra mega Independence uber Democracy citizen day

  18. Nikolas Totti says:

    Steam – Extra Day to Spread Democracy day

  19. SpaceInvader78 says:

    PlayStation – Commemoration Day

  20. Heron Nascimento Boldrini says:

    Steam – First dose of Liber tea

  21. Steve Velasco says:

    Playstation – democracy uprising day

  22. Steffan Eybye Christensen says:

    PlayStation – Super Earth’s liberty day

  23. PlayStation – Just Another Day in The Big City

  24. Kaden says:

    PlayStation- Leap Into Hell Day

  25. Lim Kun Tai says:

    PlayStation – Galactic Liberation Day!

  26. Sawtooth44 says:

    Steam – Creed of Super Earth Day

  27. iamalfaandomega says:

    Playstation – Tasting democracy day!

  28. Ross Newberry says:

    Playstation – The First of Libertary (first and only, as Libertary is a whole leap month consisting of only one day)

  29. SeaJay says:

    Steam – LIFT-850 Jump Pack Day

  30. Shaco says:

    Playstation – Freedom Never Rests, it Reloads Day.

  31. darkknezz says:

    PlayStation – Leap Yeartea Day

  32. KratosHard1 says:

    Playstation – Come on you Helldivers, you wanna live forever in Democracy Day?

  33. Hik0 says:

    Steam – For those frined die under the Hellpots..

  34. Kajetan Tomaniak says:

    Steam – Raffle Day

  35. Z3roC0Ol says:

    Playstation – If it bleeds, we can kill it day!

  36. Skif says:

    PlayStation – No Mercy

  37. Dalivus Morgan says:


  38. Xotli says:

    PlayStation – The Democratic Super Intercalary

  39. Andy Crook says:

    Playstation – The Extra Day deemed necessary by Democracy

  40. Jason Paskiewicz says:

    PlayStation – Day of the Lost and Forgotten

  41. Ian Young says:

    PlayStation – Super Earth Solar Liberation Day

  42. Rammstone says:

    PlayStation – Birth of liberty day

  43. edu camps says:

    Steam – Radical Hellfire Day

  44. Michael Weisang says:

    Steam – Why they’re wearing no shoes day

  45. Katharina Maple says:

    Playstation – JUMPING! Day

  46. Иван Рычков says:

    PlayStation – Managed D-Day

  47. Zach Puzycki says:

    Playstation – Just Another Dive Day

  48. David Carusone says:

    Playstation- Bonus Liberty Opportunity Period

  49. Owen McNamara says:

    PlayStation – Surplus Freedom Day

  50. alexaka1000 says:

    PlayStation – 1200 democracy per second Day

  51. Max says:

    PlayStation – Double barrel democracy day

  52. Dracongard . says:

    Steam – Super Democratic Leap Year Day
    What? Its simple and i dont think command might take long names as you might get squashed by a tank by the time you finish pronouncing most of the entries.

  53. Kitsugar says:

    PlayStation – Sit back, relax and enjoy some Libertea day !

  54. heaverbill says:

    Playstation – Dive-til-you-drop day

  55. dyzeryu says:

    Steam – Judgement Day

  56. Ben Fowler says:

    PlayStation – Send them home in Liberty Bags Day

  57. pey17 says:

    PlayStation- Super Earth Democratic Day of Destruction to Darkness!

  58. Andy Yarritu says:

    Steam – Sol Alignment Day

  59. Hunter Thomas says:

    PlayStation – Possessed torrent mercs your whole team day.

  60. The Hasegawa Effect says:

    Steam – Super Earth Super Extra Democracy Day

  61. fireutsie says:

    Steam – The extra libertea day

  62. Ziya Ata Yazıcı says:

    Steam – Day of the Friendly Fire!

  63. JD Plunkett says:

    Playstation – Hellhalla Day

  64. sandsou says:

    Steam – The D-Day (and D here stands for DEMOCRACY!)

  65. OmalleyDoc . says:

    Steam – Boston LiberTea Party Day

  66. Anoth says:

    Steam – Helldiver appreciation day.

  67. Clint Marchant says:

    Playstation – Boot Tea Day

  68. Jakub Bednarczyk says:

    PlayStation – Friendly Fire Day! (FF Day )

  69. John J. says:

    Steam – Free Speech Day

    (’cause our right to speak freely is part of the liberty that makes Super Earth so great–but too much free speaking would really be a problem. That’s why we don’t have one of these every year.)

  70. Ronald May says:

    Playstation – LIFT-850 to Hell Day

  71. Paul Barton says:

    PlayStation – Leaperty Day.

  72. Grumpy-Goat- says:

    PlayStation- So much democracy to spread with not enough time to do it; so we made another day… day.

  73. _=Viper=Strike=_ says:

    Steam – OverDemocracy Day

  74. Ben says:

    PlayStation – Supreme Democracy Day

  75. Amerigo Di Maria says:

    Playstation – Spread More and More Democracy Day

  76. Philip says:

    PlayStation – The True Democracy Day

  77. Ziya Ata Yazıcı says:

    Steam – Defenders of the Liber-Tea Day!

  78. Mario d says:

    Playstation – Leap into Hell Day

  79. Shane Gettle says:

    Playstation -leap of faith

  80. UnknownHelldiver4462 says:

    Playstation: “Leaperty” Day of course is perfect ;)
    Or: “Have an extra cup of Libertea Day”

  81. Regmyster says:

    Playstation – Managed Democratic Cape Day

  82. Virtualman007 says:

    PlayStation – Indapendance Day

  83. Jose Lopez says:

    Playstation – Deep Hell Extinguished Day

  84. Matt says:

    Steam – Extra Libertea Day

  85. MuRRe says:

    PlayStation – Emancipation Day

  86. Chris Yahr Lappin says:

    steam – Would you like to know more Day

  87. Mark C. says:

    Steam – Quadrennial Adjustment Day

  88. ToxicWolf1132 says:

    Playstation- Hell day

  89. zer0saber says:

    Steam – Mandatory Additional Freedom Day

  90. Kenneth Panten says:

    Playstation – Libertea Cup day

  91. Mike Smith says:

    PlayStation – Heaven’s Leap Day

  92. Ziya Ata Yazıcı says:

    Steam – An Extra Sugar for Liber-Tea Day!

  93. Paul A Maconi Jr says:

    Steam – Managed Democracy Day!

  94. krazeskullz says:

    Playstation – universal Terra helldivers day

  95. Josh Galera says:

    PlayStation – Independence Day

  96. Satirical says:

    Steam – Democracy Attunement Day

  97. Steam – Old Earth´s Flawed Orbit Day

  98. Scott says:

    PlayStation – Democracy Drop Day

  99. Cody Cox says:

    Playstation- Dive to Democracy Day

  100. Erik says:

    Steam – Etiam Libertatem Day

    (Additional Liberty Day)

  101. AnTa415 says:

    Steam – Free another day

  102. Dmactastic says:

    Playstation-Día de la inmersión or “The Day of the Dive”

  103. Dmactastic says:


  104. George Lello says:

    PlayStation – Our Day of Mandatory Freedom

  105. Gage Kulas says:

    PlayStation – Libertea and Justice for all day

  106. Alexander says:

    Playstation- Variis inferni saliet (Latin for diver’s hell leap)

  107. Luciano Dicono says:

    Playstation – Leap into Hell Day

  108. Eric says:

    Steam – Reinforce Democracy Day

  109. Zdragow says:

    Steam – Liberation Celebration Day

  110. Rafael Mei says:

    Steam – Orbital Re-Sync Day

  111. D'Kent B. says:

    PlayStation – Hug a Bug with a Rifled Slug Day.

  112. Armen Michaeli says:

    PlayStation — Family Reunion Day

  113. Grant Carpenter says:

    PlayStation – Our Extra-Mandatory, Extra Day of Extra Democratic Freedom!

  114. Patrick Beasley says:

    Steam – Mandatory Vacation Day

  115. Ellis Pineda says:

    PlayStation – Calamity of Collision Day

  116. Mark Woods says:

    PlayStation – Accidental Day

  117. Hoi Wing Chong says:

    PlayStation – Dive into Hell’s Leap Day

  118. Ryan Kjell Storm says:

    Playstation – Super Awesome HD Remix Director’s Cut Helldiving Day Turbo

  119. MartyFateburn says:

    Steam – Hellday For Diving

  120. Daniel Zhu says:

    Playstation – For Super Earth!!

  121. Mýa Monroe Parker says:

    Playstation – Super Helldiving Day

  122. bob64 says:

    Steam – Legend Appreciation Tea Party Day

  123. Adrian Radulescu says:

    Steam – Extra Helldive Leap Day

  124. Premos says:

    Steam – Ready to Deploy Day

  125. john michael dela cruz says:

    PlayStation – For Liberteeths! (If you know what i mean kids) :D

  126. Mauricio Quintero says:

    Playstation – Make the Uneverse Great Again

  127. Jessica Schorr says:

    SG-strategum liberator day

  128. David B H Figueroa says:

    PlayStation – TODAY, We Dive, in Hell Day!

  129. Adam says:

    Steam – Just-Ice Day!

  130. Maria blanca tapang says:

    Playstation – It’s that time of the year. Libertea!

  131. metalman5150 says:

    Playstation – Indivisible Prime Day of Democracy

  132. HauntingTsundere says:

    Playstation – Up close & Personal Day

  133. Steam – You spin me right round, baby right round, like a Hellday right round, round, round.

  134. Morrier says:

    Steam – Citizen’s Day

  135. Pierre Lambrichts says:

    PlayStation – United Dive Day

  136. PureNomad says:

    PlayStation – Grim-LEAP-er Day

  137. Open2nd says:

    PlayStation – Libertea Day

  138. Jamal Mulla says:

    PlayStation – Have some Liber-Tea day

  139. Alexandre Segovia says:

    Playstation – 366 days of freedom this year for the federation

  140. Philip Bove says:

    Steam – Day of Liberation

  141. Andres Gabriel Mattos says:

    PlayStation- managed democracy day!

  142. Quintin Thomas says:

    PlayStation – Liberatory Leap Day

  143. Brian Terry says:

    Playstation – Sovereignty Preferment Advancement Day

    Also known as SPAD Day!

  144. Lieutenant Letdown says:

    PlayStation – Lead, love, and Liberty day

  145. Chris Theodoropoulos says:

    Steam – National Super Earth Liber Tea day

  146. Digital Vulpine says:

    Steam – Election Day

  147. Chris Valentin says:

    Playstation – Extra Clip Day

  148. Jommy Nopples says:

    Steam – Cape Appreciation Day

  149. Rizky says:

    Steam – Bonus all you can kill day

  150. Nick Wells says:

    Playstation – Frank Day

  151. TheLethalDiva says:

    Playstation – Amendment Day

  152. Dylan Jackson says:

    PlayStation – spring break

  153. Jake rand says:

    Super earths, for democracy demands a cup of libr’tea celebration! Get some!

  154. Cory Anderson says:

    PlayStation – extra day to blow them to freedom cum

  155. AGRO-SMASHA says:


  156. Podcatz says:

    Playstation – “Jumping!” Day

  157. Jedidiah Reed says:

    Helldive for democracy day.

  158. FoOie says:

    PlayStation – Let’s have some Leap-Ber-Tea Day!

  159. Jedidiah Reed says:

    PlayStation – Helldive for Democracy Day.

  160. Erulisse says:

    PlayStation – Intergalactic Capespin Day!

  161. Pingd says:

    Steam – Extra Liberty Day XIII

  162. Wilson says:

    Playstation — Democracy Double-time Day

  163. Khairil says:

    Playstation – All Hell Break Loose Day ?

  164. Thomas J Wilson says:

    Playstation – Friendly Fire Forgiveness Day

  165. Chris says:

    Steam – Mandatory Liberty Appreciation Day

  166. Kaduseon says:

    Steam – Democratic Quantum Leap Day

  167. Jessie Dioquino says:

    Playstation – The Day Super Earth Liberated with Democracy

  168. Collier Sanders says:

    steam – mandatory bonus freedom day

  169. Aaron Kelter says:

    Steam – Operation Quadrennial Freedom

  170. Aaron Stewart says:

    Steam – Freedom Delivery Day!

  171. Mr. Creeper says:

    Steam – “Don’t Screw Up Again” Day

  172. matthew agresti says:

    Steam – The President for Life Appreciation day!

  173. Lifshets says:

    PlayStation – Infernal Democracy Day

  174. Ryan says:

    Playstation – LeaPerTea FreeDom Day

  175. dctootall says:

    Playstation – L-iberty E-nforced A-lliance P-rogram Day. (the day which those planets who have joined the super Earth Alliance after we spread democracy to them are recognized for their contributions. LEAP Day only happens once every 4 years because do we really need to give these “people” any more regular acknowledgement?)

  176. Javier Campos says:

    Playstation – Liberty past Freedom O’Clock

  177. Ali Nishaz Didi says:

    Playstaion – Another Helldive into the Meat Grinder

  178. Solace says:

    PlayStation – Helldiver’s Exemplary Liberty Loving Patriotic Overtime Duty day (HELLPOD day)

  179. Jan T. says:

    PlayStation – Super Earth’s extra day of extra democracy!

  180. Slizarus says:

    Playstation – Never Cease Firing Day

  181. Marlon Regenhardt says:

    PlayStation – Extra Day of Liberty (EDOL)

  182. ColdCut says:

    Playstation – Too Much Freedom for 365 Days…Day

  183. Kelvin says:

    Steam – Federal Mastercomputer Appreciation Day: “Managing your democracy since 2156!”

  184. Monique says:

    PlayStation – Leap-erty Day!!!

  185. Titled Titan says:

    Steam – Pest Control Day

  186. Apoena Becker says:

    PlayStation – Leap-R-Tea Day

  187. Dušan Kollár says:

    Stream – Extra democracy on top day!

  188. Guilty says:

    Steam – Friendly Fire Forgiveness Day

  189. Jon Bezeau says:

    PlayStation – Guns For Kids Day

  190. Patrick says:

    PlayStation – Radical Democracy Day

  191. Corey Keever says:

    Playstation – Leap Year Day =

    Liber-tea Ensures A Persons Yearning to Enlist And Radiate Democracy All Yearlong

  192. David Clausen says:

    Steam – Helldiver Recruit Memorial Day

  193. Rivox1 says:

    PlayStation – Liberty or Death…day!

  194. RHINO_Mk.II says:

    Steam – Accidental Atonement Day (on which we remember our fallen freedom-loving brothers who were just a bit too slow on their prone maneuver when a friendly grenade was tossed their way)

  195. Migar says:

    PlayStation – Two LiberTea in a Pod Day!

  196. Beard Evan Blaine says:

    PlayStation- Ancillary Drop Day

  197. Bradley Herrington says:

    PlayStation- an extra day in hell

  198. Devin says:

    Playstation – Laser Leap Day, where all Bugs melt for free!!

  199. David Crowe says:

    Steam – Catch-up on Freedom Day!

  200. Voidan says:

    Ps4 – Loyalty Day

    A special day where everybody can show Loyalty to managed democracy, and reaffirm their good faith in the system and super earth. (Or else you will be helped in doing so).

  201. Vic Z says:

    Steam – Surprise Liberty Day

  202. NadMaj says:

    Steam – Leap-erty!

  203. T F says:

    PlayStation – Chronal Liberation Day!
    The day democracy liberated 24 hours from the tyrrany of time!

  204. Kyle Lewis says:

    Playstation – To Hell with it, it’s just another day… :D

  205. Harrison says:

    Steam – Free Day of Freedom

  206. brazen_monkey says:

    Playstation – L34P-29

  207. Valtiel says:

    Playstation – Annual vacation day

  208. Nuttapon Khanithanon says:

    Playstation – Super Earth Spin Day

  209. Jack Joseph Lee III says:

    Playstation – Operation 29

  210. Poramies says:

    PlayStation – Muh Mandatory Extra Day of LIBERTY

  211. Jason McGhee says:

    Steam – Super Earth and All of its Inhabitants are Awesome Day

  212. Cresent78 says:

    Steam – The Days of our dives

  213. soulcrests says:

    Steam – Hellbomb Day

  214. DrThunder says:

    Steam – Memorial of the Fallen

  215. Thomas Safken says:

    Once Every four years we change to the Hell leapers and get drunk before battle.

    Playstation – Hellduiers day

  216. Hechtsuppe says:

    Playstation – Thought Correction Day

  217. Tyler Proffitt says:

    Steam – Supplemental Freedom Day

  218. Auzman466 says:

    PlayStation – 28 Helpings of Democracy Wasn’t Enough Day

  219. Miettinen Lasse says:

    Playstation – Intergalactic work party day for firewood.

    Swing that axe and bring one cubic meter of fire wood for your government. Everyone participates and brings the fuel to our fight for freedom!

  220. Joakim Johansson says:

    Playstation – CI-perm Day!

  221. CATspsn says:

    Playstation – One small step for mankind, one giant leap for democracy!

  222. Sixty Shoes says:

    PlayStation – The Liberated Day

  223. Tronikbob says:

    PlayStation – Intergalactic Democracy Day

  224. Ely Vill says:

    PlayStation – Super democracy!

  225. Ely Vill says:

    PlayStation – Super Intergalactic democracy!

  226. Charles Olan says:

    Playstation – End of love month so Hello again Friendly Fire Hellday

  227. Fuck you incompentent assholes says:

    I would really like to be a part of the Helldiver community, BUT I CANT JOIN A SINGLE FUCKING MULTIPLAYER SESSION

  228. genericgamer101 says:

    Would love to be a part of this, but can’t join a single FUCKING SESSION!!!!!

  229. Fuck you says:

    Worthless incompentent piece of shit devs

  230. Conleth Mckenna says:

    Playstation – Manditory Quadrennial Resyncronisation Day… Also hell.

  231. Alexander says:

    PlayStation – Day of Caesar the Conqueror (Leap Years were first introduced by Julius Caesar)

  232. surkuC says:

    PlayStation – Unexpected Extra Democracy Day

  233. Waboel says:

    Playstation – Don’t Drink and Dive Day

  234. Ken Braswell says:

    PlayStation – Managed Democracy Day

  235. Travis M. Showers says:

    PlayStation- “Lift-850 day”

  236. travis showers says:

    PlayStation- “Lift-850 day”
    To commemorate the invention of the Lift-850 successful tests in combat!
    ((Srry for the repost I wasn’t logged in to Disqus))

  237. Fairy Water says:

    PlayStation – Leap into Super Earth’s Gap Day!

  238. SadicoBors says:

    Steam – Gives extra freedom Day

  239. Altashi says:

    PlayStation – Interplanetary LIFT-850 Appreciation Day

  240. Ely Vill says:

    PlayStation – For super earth and galaxies!!!

  241. Valmontez Norage says:

    playstation – 4 democracy !

  242. BioBuster says:

    Playstation – Making New Friends (and killing them) Day

  243. Riley says:

    Playstation – Life, Death and Capes Day

  244. mark Ellis says:

    Playstation – Extra cup of liber-tea day

  245. Amthemius says:

    Playstation – Dawn of Democracy

  246. Farlarzia says:

    Playstation – Liberty Leap

  247. Farlarzia says:

    Playstation – Liberty Leap!

  248. jmatignasjr says:

    Playstation – Double D Day. Double DEMOCRACY Day

  249. Farlarzia says:

    Congrats to the winners!

  250. Иван Рычков says:

    Wow, that’s random

  251. Сергей Орищенко says:

    Steam – Double Democracy Day!

  252. Marko Blažević says:

    Steam-For the Freedom

  253. Hudz says:

    PlayStation – National Liber-Tea Day

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