We did it, HELLDIVERS Wins Best Handheld at DICE Awards 2016!

This week Johan Pilestedt, Arrowhead’s CEO and Helldivers Game Director, flew to Las Vegas for the 2016 annual DICE Award ceremony.

We knew that Helldivers had been nominated for two categories (Best Action and Best Handheld), but we also knew that we faced stiff competition this year in each of those categories.

The last thing we told Johan as he was leaving the office was “Vinn nu för fan eller kom inte tillbaka!” (“Win this dammit or don’t come back!”). It seemed to do the trick.

You can watch the full DICE Awards footage in this video, but if you just want to watch us winning click to start from the Helldivers winning nomination.

As an added bonus we have managed to squeeze a couple of spectacularly dark and blurry “behind-the-scenes” photos, curtsey of our very celebratory and happy Johan and Sony friends!



We also want to take the time to again thank everyone who has supported Helldivers since launch. It couldn’t have got to where it is now without your help. Truly, thank you.


6 responses to “We did it, HELLDIVERS Wins Best Handheld at DICE Awards 2016!”

  1. Helldivers is such a fun game. I’m glad it picked up an award.

  2. ghostshadow says:

    Congrats!!! Thank you for supporting the PS Vita! We need more games like this and more developers like you to put out amazing Vita titles like Helldivers! *happy dance*

  3. Surindu De Silva says:

    congrats , I’ve put in more hours to this game on my vita than any vita exclusive

  4. sutayu00 says:

    Congrats guys! Here’s the thing, we feel hopeless about these to two trophies “Spreading Managed Democracy” “Peace and prosperity reigns again”. It’s the second time we’re assaulting the worm home planet, it seems impossible for us to take even one home planet down thou there are about 5000 of us trying our best. Please make things right :)

  5. Bruno Reboucas Santos says:

    Congrats, Helldivers is the Best game ever. We want some more. :)
    PS.: PC player.

  6. Frank Jaeger says:

    I’m late to the party but hey! I’m glad you guys supported the vita, and also got the best handheld award for Helldivers!

    From launch up to this day, I’m still playing the game

    During breaks, commute and even at home

    Spreading democracy anywhere, anytime.

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