Arrowhead is at GDC San Francisco 2016

Right now a good bunch of our team are getting ready to head back home to Sweden after a rewarding week in San Francisco, at GDC 2016. We hope they won’t be too destroyed by jetlag on Monday.


Let us share some of their shenanigans, mostly with pictures, as we have no clue what’s going on in many of them. ^^ We’re very much looking forward to hearing the stories.


The city looked very much enjoyable day or night.


The Game Developers Convention took place at the Moscone Center and like these things do it seems to have attracted a lot of people. This time Arrowhead didn’t have a booth to show off anything, but went there to soak up information at the talks and meet with partners and potential new contacts.

Once the team gets back home we’ll have them sharing what they learnt at the lectures and a ton of online talks to watch together  – very valuable for the entire team.

Some days were less sunny and bright, while most of them seem to have been lovely spring days (more like summer in Sweden standards).




Some discovered a paradise of toys and geekery, while others discovered something… unknown.


With that we’ll leave you with a very Liberty-inspiring picture the team send along. Now if only that was the Super Earth flag…


3 responses to “Arrowhead is at GDC San Francisco 2016”

  1. algamer says:

    Looks like you guys had great fun! I’m glad you had a good one!

  2. cosmicstarbeast says:

    Arrowhead Studios seems like a cool place to work and hang at but the console segregation isn’t cool man. I hope you all had a nice trip though.

  3. Joshua Arceo says:


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