Happy Easter – Glad Påsk – from Arrowhead!

Isn’t it eggciting? It’s Easter once again! Crack open the drinks, scoff some eggstra chocolates and relax with friends and family in the eggstremely lovely spring weather.

We won’t eggsaggerate. All these egg puns are eggshausting, so before you start eggnoring us we want to eggscuse ourselves and wish everyone an eggceptional, eggcellent and eggstraordinary Easter!

~ Love Arrowhead



3 responses to “Happy Easter – Glad Påsk – from Arrowhead!”

  1. Jo says:

    That is eggtremely cute!!!

  2. Marko Blažević says:

    Arrowhead I just wanted to say you are my favorite developers

  3. cusman says:

    Eggstatic to learn about your next game

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