HELLDIVERS forces celebrates one year anniversary!

Today we celebrate the 1st anniversary of the HELLDIVERS!

And what a year it has been – We have seen success and we have seen defeat, but the Helldivers always come out on top. We salute your valiant service as we continue to fight for humanity’s best interests.

We can barely believe how fast this year has passed. Even though the schedule is very full planning and working on the Next thing nowadays, we certainly wish to stop and celebrate this glorious event and thank you all for spreading liberty and freedom with us.


Free gear for everyone

As a token of our gratitude to our Helldivers, we are making new special equipment available to all Super Earth forces for free. The Assault customization set and the LAS-13 ‘Trident’ Laser Shotgun is available in the armory as of today!

This content will be patched in for everyone with a free update, there is no need to download anything from the store.

  • Assault armour cosmetical customization set
  • LAS-13 ‘Trident’ – This shotgun-like weapon is a further development on the laser carbine technology, allowing for a virtually ammunition independent weapon. Suitable for when you want an easier time hitting your target.


What you have accomplished

We already posted a previous blog post about more detailed stats from the Galactic Wars, but here are some impressive total stats of your accomplishments in all the wars so far.




We are very proud to have had you with us throughout this year, and in addition to the free in game content, tonight (March 3rd GMT) we are planning to do various giveaways on our different channels so make sure to keep an eye on them.

Let’s make it another year Soldiers!

46 responses to “HELLDIVERS forces celebrates one year anniversary!”

  1. AGRO-SMASHA says:

    Congrats on Helldivers Anniversary!
    From the day Helldivers launched,I was hooked.
    I had never played anything quite like it.
    Helldivers brings a sense of camaraderie like no other game.
    Strange as it may seem,no matter what game I play,I always seem to come back to Helldivers.
    Even now,I still play Helldivers with as much enthusiasm as I did the very first day.
    Having acquired the knowledge and skills and passing onto new recruits.
    It’s bloody amazing what a little ripper of a gem Helldivers is.
    Heck,if it were up to me, I’d give Helldivers the gold trophy for best co-op action game of the year.
    Because it is.
    I’ve played many games throughout my years,but have never come across such an addictive and fun game.
    I’ve met some awesome friends through Helldivers,and I thank you guys(Arrowhead) for providing the vessel for us to meet.
    It’s testament then,to the Arrowhead team for developing a game,by gamers(yourselves) for gamers.
    Thanks again,for Helldivers,a game that truly has a place in my heart,as one of the best.
    Here’s to many more years, with Helldivers.
    Cheers :)

    PS.Can’t thank you guys enough for the new gear!
    Very unexpected,but at the same time am very grateful and appreciative.

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      Thank you so much for this wonderful comment :)
      We didn’t quite get around to doing all the replies at the anniversary but really value these words, especially coming from someone we know have played so much and been involved in the community.
      They community has really been all we could ask for. To see you all find new friends and play, share strategies, and find methods we never dreamed of is amazing.

      So thank you for sharing your experience! The whole team is really happy and encouraged to hear feedback like this!

    • Rikstah says:

      Totally agree with this comment. No other game has made me feel like I was back in my school days gaming with my buddies quite like Helldivers did.

  2. Thanks for the freebies! I’ve also been hooked since day 1, it’s such a simple but consistantly enjoyable game.

    If I could make one possible request for the future? Could we please have some customisable options for the colour of our helldivers armour? Not only would it make them feel more personal, but it would make the screen clearer when chaos begins.

    • Slizarus says:

      I’d like it too, but they’ve said they want to maintain a cohesive military unit feeling of the Helldivers, they wear mostly regulation uniforms, you’re a diver like any other in the game, so for their vision of it they don’t see customizing your helldiver in the future atleast so they said almost a year ago.

  3. cusman says:

    You raised the bar on how much fun I expect when playing co-op and for that I thank you. I am eager to continue enjoying Helldivers and also look forward to your next project being revealed and ready for us.

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      We never got around to thanking people individually but we really appreciate the kind comment coming from someone who’s been around for a long time in the community and game!

  4. Slizarus says:

    I love this game, there’s no better game for drop in coop fun on the PS4, everytime I get into a game with my headset on I feel like I’m in arcade helping out randoms figure out how to not waste their coins!

  5. Hik0 says:

    hey nice, grats

    Bien felicidades,

  6. metalman5150 says:

    Great product with great support!
    Thank you, ArrowHead HQ

  7. Luke 'ambershee' Parkes-Haskel says:

    I was excited when I noticed the 2.5GB update in Steam – but then considerably less so when I discovered it was just a weapon and some armour (which is a very nice free update nevertheless, just not what I was expecting given the size of the update).

    I think you guys need to do something with your asset packaging / management, as forcing a 2.5GB download on over a million players is an absurd amount of bandwidth lost for the sake of such a small amount of content.

    • drejeck says:

      I’m sure we will soon discover that it wasn’t only 4 items update, the whole game is 6+GB and surely the items are stored in some of the X hundreds of MB files.

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      Unfortunately that is due to how the engine bundles the content. If we make a change in a resource package then the entire package has to be replaced.

      • Luke 'ambershee' Parkes-Haskel says:

        Then you need to adjust how your packages are organised, or modify packaging / patching to support differential based updates. 2.5GB of patch for a small number of assets is frankly kind of absurd.

        • Tank says:

          STFU Luke and develop your own game. You’re the worst kind of helldiver out there.

          • Luke 'ambershee' Parkes-Haskel says:

            I’ve developed plenty of games, buddy, it’s what I do for a living. I think my comment is fair from a consumer perspective – asking players to redownload entire content packages (2.5GB) every time 50MB of assets is added to the game is really quite silly, and not very fair on players who may have usage caps on their connections.

          • Al. Lopez says:

            I’ve seen worst games that suffers from this.

            *cough cough PAYDAY 2 cough cough*

          • Getover Yourself says:

            You’re a consultant for an engine, and you helped on a shitty Fable game, calm down.

          • Luke 'ambershee' Parkes-Haskel says:

            I’m not a consultant, but yes, I did work at Lionhead on the Fable franchise several years ago.

            The point still stands that redownloading nearly half the entire game for minor content changes is silly, and I do believe that Arrowhead should really be looking at how they’re packaging games and patching in content. I don’t get the vitriol, this is a pretty fair comment.

    • Timothy Malouff says:

      Hard to update on a VITA too as you must backup other games to PS3 or PC to make room for the patch. Then reinstall other games.

      Game needs at least a 8GB Memory Card.

      • Luke 'ambershee' Parkes-Haskel says:

        I hadn’t considered the Vita release to be honest. Would it have made a difference if the patch were any smaller, or is patching Vita content just a pain in the arse in general?

        • Timothy Malouff says:

          With the Vita it’s like a smartphone where you have a limited amount of space to work with (unless you buy a larger expensive proprietary card).

          Updates on the Vita very by game but I wish that Sony would just host the latest version pre-patched of games so you don’t have to download the base game & all of the sometimes huge updates.

          The store gives sizes of the base game.

          At least Helldivers transfers your progress between systems (PS4, PS3, & Vita) so you can keep progress without being a PlayStation Plus Member (Only they can backup the save files to the cloud, if you don’t have plus you have to backup everything to your PS3 or Computer).

  8. TheLethalDiva says:

    Congrats and great job Arrowhead. Both on the stellar first year of Helldivers and the fantastic new freebies you handed out today!

  9. hunteriarz says:

    We want more planets and more tasks in missions :D

  10. michael kurniawan says:

    Can I ask for free DLC give away XD….. especially the commando DLC pretty pleaseeee

  11. michael kurniawan says:

    Just bought this hidden gem yesterday, and I already spent 13 hours of gameplay XD…. kinda got addicted to it, but I hope you guys add more mission and I have soo many ideas :
    1. moba type of map where 4 players move around with grunts(creep) to destroy enemy headquarters and the enemies have 4 champion as well,
    2. add pvp map (freedom arena or something),
    3. customizeable ship or headquarters,
    4. defending mission with 3 layers of level that need to be guarded against wave of enemies
    5. the possibilities are endless XD………

  12. Kishnabe says:

    Thanks for the new DLC and your intent to still support the game.

    1.6 GB on my Vita….ouch. :). Helldivers is the biggest sized game on the vita I think after this…bigger than Borderlands and Kill zone Memories.

    Probably stick with the Support DLC laser…..will try Trident.

    Hoping, we get a new trophy pack in 2016….like Masters of the Galaxy and so forth.

  13. Cresent78 says:

    One of the best games I have ever played, great to see new content and I hope you have more in store for us later!
    “Liberty lasts a lifetime, no matter how short that lifetime may be”

  14. Jacob Nutt says:

    You all are awesome. Your game is awesome.
    Keep up the good work!
    Also, thanks for the free stuff!

  15. Rafael Piccinelli says:

    This game is REALLY awesome. I made a lot of friends to buy it, but pc community is almost dead. If this game was cross-platform it would be awesome ( more awesome, it is awesome already haha ).

  16. Satirical says:

    thanks for the new weapon <3

  17. Nasser Ingles says:

    .Congratulation for the 1 year of the game.

  18. Timothy Malouff says:

    We need a laser mech now to go with these other laser weapons. Kind of like the pilot Mech with dual lasers.

    Can you make the Mech with the flamethrower have an option to instead use toxic? (Either flame or toxic)

  19. Erick Martin says:

    Congrats Arrowhead! Keep updating our Helldivers with a various unique content, I am looking forward to it.

  20. iMad108 says:

    Please keep the game or series alive! Expansion would be appreciated until Helldivers 2. You guys do planned to produce Helldivers 2…. right?

  21. Jhonnatan Philipe says:

    Good day

    I have a question, you will still launch some content? such as expansions?

    congratulations for 1 year helldiver

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      Unfortunately we can never really talk about any future content before an official announcement here. But if something new comes you will hear about it here and on our other channels :)
      Thank you!

  22. w15new says:

    Happy anniversay, hope you keep this game alive as you have done at magicka.

  23. iMad108 says:

    Hi, love the game. Would like to suggest a minor tweak to make things more enjoyable, please make helldivers automatcally switch back to his main weapon after dropping off black box.

  24. Joshua Rae says:

    All I can say is make secondaries and grenades a weapon type/thrown slot instead of perks. Some perks are waaay too good to trade for a handcannon (which is my favorite by the way). This opinion is based on my 20+ years of playing games. I am an EXPERT and I often consult with other players by telling THEM how to play. They thank me for it. And you will too. =)

  25. Billy Joe Bob says:

    Whens the Expansion going to be announced? We need a big content update worthy of 2.5gb. New Race? New Maps? Some corridor fighting – like in Starcraft underground bases? Space station fights?

    Also please for havens sake don’t repeat what you did with Magicka and add a twitter and facebook button and some how shoot performance down the gutter by adding unnecessary things no one ever asked for.

  26. ϟ Dual Shock ϟ says:

    From: gamerpony135
    I love this game!!! You should add some emotes like some silly things for the helldivers to say or even do a small dance! That would be cool to see.
    Please keep up the good work i play this game every single day on the vita lol!
    Happy 1st birthday/anniversary hell divers! You Beautiful 1 yr old baby you! :3

  27. tiagohardco says:

    Thank you guys for this amazing game. A true co-op gem. And congratulations for the anniversary ?

  28. lukas habada says:

    Can I get this armor otherwise.
    because I could not make it :(
    #rusky :D

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