Meet & play with us at Swedish Game Awards

This one is for all our readers who happen to be in Stockholm these days.

Today and tomorrow we’re at the Swedish Game Awards Conference of 2016 to hang out with you, answer questions, and (fail at) playing HELLDIVERS. Seriously, me and the lead designer of the game – Patrik Lasota – just failed shamefully at a level 6 planet…


There are talks and panels to listen to all day and a number of Sweden’s major development studios as well as talented students showing off their original game projects.

If you hurry up there is also the great afterparty going on today, Friday night. See the SGA party event here.

So do come by our booth to chat about games, the industry, the Universe and Everything – and do a better job than us at defending the galaxy.

2 responses to “Meet & play with us at Swedish Game Awards”

  1. cusman says:

    Need more Helldivers content… so thirsty for new alien scums to slay

  2. Billy Joe Bob says:

    When are you guys going to announce the Hell Divers Expansion?

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