Helldivers nominated twice in the Nordic Game Awards

We’ve had two exciting things happen here at Arrowhead this week!

First we found out that Helldivers has been nominated twice in the Nordic Game Awards in the categories Nordic Game of the YearSmall Screen and Best Art. 


We may possibly need to get a new trophy cabinet soon!

The nominations echo our previous win at the DICE Awards 2016 for Best Handheld, with our second nomination for Best Action.

Similar to the DICE Awards, we face some tough competition in each of the different categories but we are remaining optimistic. Let’s hope we can bring home some more awards to go in our nice trophy cabinet!

In the second piece of news from the studio this week, we were very happy to meet everyone who took part in The Game Assembly’s Meet and Greet in Malmö on the 27th of April.


Our cozy, minimalist table.

Despite a long day travelling to get there, it was extremely refreshing to see all the energy and passion of the students with whom we chatted. It was a privilege to be invited and we look forward to seeing you at the next event!

We also hope that the tips we gave were useful when creating your


They were happy to be there – honestly!

portfolio, but just in case we did not get a chance to talk to you (or if you missed our previous blog post!), we have written a short two-part guide which could come in handy when applying to the studio.

If you have any more questions about the internships, or on any of the information in our application guides, just leave a comment below and we will try and get back to you as soon as possible! :)



7 responses to “Helldivers nominated twice in the Nordic Game Awards”

  1. Fei says:

    This only shows that this game needs more content :3 . Great work !!

  2. Don says:

    With as successful as this game has been im suprised that this team has not released a new update to its game. Helldivers is so much fun to play with all my friends and the reddit community has wonderful ideas that could make the game better! Please Arrowhead continue the fight and release another big patch before you put this game to bed!

  3. Najib says:

    I’ll gladly pay for new contents !

  4. Kishnabe says:

    Congratz, please bring more trophies on PSN. Been itching to come back after the plat.

  5. Dalivus Morgan says:

    Congrats Arrowhead! We are all eagerly awaiting MOAR STUFF! lol But seriously, I just hit 50 last night and what a nostalgic ride it’s been: over a year Diving, over 250 hours posted up, 7 million XP, and 130K kills… I’m not about to stop, Arrowhead, so give us more to kill! More to earn! And more to kill with!

  6. cusman says:

    Congrats. Look forward to learning about your new project.
    Also, more new content for Helldivers please.
    Also, bring Magicka (original) to consoles (it is easier with keyboard/mouse, but works fine on PC with controller, so why not put on consoles?). The game hasn’t aged, meaning it was still fun for me. I am sure people on consoles that have liked your other games would like to play the original Magicka.


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