NGA, SGA and E3 – be there or be square!

It’s been a bit quiet on the Arrowhead front recently. Not because we haven’t been busy – in fact it’s been the opposite! Luckily we have welcomed our new Office Assistant Ashley into our crazy Arrowhead family. We definitely need some help sorting things out and keeping a respectable order around here.

The week before last we appeared at the Nordic Game Awards after being nominated for two awards, Small Screen and Best Art. Sadly we didn’t win anything this year (a huge congratulations to those who did!), but we did have a tonne of fun during the days we were there.


We’re happy to let you know Arrowhead is a Silver partner of Swedish Game Awards -16

Next week Malin (Co-founder) and Patrik (Producer) will be attending the Swedish Game Awards Finale & Expo, showing support for the event – it was, after all, the 2008 Swedish Game Awards where it all began for Arrowhead. The Final Expo is always a great opportunity to play all the competing games one more time, meet other developers, and Arrowhead will also have a booth and be ready to play and chat with you. The Gala is mainly for nominees and sponsors but there are a few tickets released to the public if you hurry. The After Party on the other hand is a kickin’ time to speak (and have beers) with all the contestants and celebrate all night through.

Here’s a behind the scenes video of Johan Pilestedt at last year’s SGA Gala.

After that it’s the big one: E3. E3 showcases upcoming video games and related products from a lot of the major players in the game industry and nearly always surprises everyone with exciting announcements. There will be about 6 of us attending E3 this year in Los Angeles. Hopefully we can manage to get some more awesome pictures for you all. Sunburnt, but awesome nonetheless.

If you happen to bump into us at any of these expos we would be happy to chat with you! It definitely looks like we will need the studio vacation after all these busy events…

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