Summer selfies and catching up

Welcome back from vacation everyone! While we closed the studio and were away on some well needed rest during the summer, we can see you’ve been busy playing and writing to us (which we love!).
Last week we came back and have just started to catch up with all of your messages and other things which have piled up during vacation. This next upcoming week we hope to work more on future plans and projects instead.
If you should be missing a reply to any message you sent us before August 16, don’t hesitate to poke us again in case something has been missed by us. Our contact page is here.

In the middle of summer we also asked all of our employees to send in a photo representing their summer or a moment out of it, to give you a glimpse of our lives outside of the studio. Here are the results!


Rob is hiking the countryside, somewhere epic.


2 responses to “Summer selfies and catching up”

  1. Ruin N Gaun says:

    Nice photos, must be a great holiday :D

  2. Si Aust says:

    Looks like you had some fun times :)

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