Arrowhead goes to GDC and Women in Tech

This year Arrowhead will once again be heading to the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, from 27th February to the 3rd March. Like last year the aim is to meet old friends, business partners and, of course, attend all the amazing game dev lectures and boot camps. There may even be a bit of time left over for a couple of parties and some sightseeing!

Here you can find out what we got up to at GDC in 2015 and 2016. As you can see there were many fun moments throughout and this year we are hoping that there will be just as many crazy stories to tell! We will definitely be taking a lot of pictures, sharing videos and maybe even do a live cast or two on our social media channels. Look out for the live updates on Arrowhead’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

This year Malin (COO, Marketing), Lucy (PR), Lucas (Artist), Mikael (Programmer), Emil (VP) and Johan (CEO) will be there, so if you’re interested in talking to us and want to set up a meeting during GDC you can contact us on

But that’s not all! Just a couple of days after GDC Malin, Lucy and Ashley will be attending Women in Tech Stockholm on March 8th.

WIT is an event which aims to encourage women to consider a career in technology through inspirational talks and networking. This year the 1000-ticket event sold out within 7 minutes of opening the registration!

If you happen to be at the WIT Stockholm event come and say hi or contact us on our usual address. We would love to chat with you! :)



4 responses to “Arrowhead goes to GDC and Women in Tech”

  1. cusman says:

    I hope to see something new added to the Arrowhead Timeline page in 2017 -_-

  2. Mario Montes Duque says:

    I really am hoping for a new game soon :)

  3. Anuz says:

    Do you guys even know the meaning of demo??? Just the fking menu screen for demo ? C

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