GDC 2017 Aftermath

Whew, what a blast it’s been in sunny San Francisco this year for GDC. Time flies when you’re having fun! Now it’s back to cold, snowy Sweden once again.

During our trip we met some great people and visited some interesting places – one SF resident told us that he especially loves the week when GDC takes places as we game developers are “so social, happy and nice”. I guess he hasn’t been around game developers during crunch times then! :D

Anyway, here’s a recap of some of the photos we accumulated over the week. Before the conference started we made the most of the good weather.

There’s some cool dudes right here. Just look at that cool pose with one foot on the rock. It will become a standard pose on the catwalks next season.

We took time to visit the beautiful forest moon of Endor – I mean Muir Woods National Monument – and had a couple of hours light hiking. We found it really spectacular, peaceful, and wonderful fresh smelling. After the D-pad driving of our chauffeur there (there was only ON or OFF) some of our more car sick people especially enjoyed the air and freedom.

After the woods we had a shorter stop around the Sausalito area for a stroll along the water and went for some really nice seafood, but most important – Crabcakes! (you don’t really find them here)

The view around where most of us lived, in the two leftmost towers – Marriott and Four Seasons.

Time to get back to business. The conference, all the interesting lectures, roundtables and meetings made the week go by in a blast.

Uncharted 4 lectures were popular, but many others had very useful or inspiring topics to share.

Roka Ankor Japanese sushi and steak dining was definitely one of the most delicious meals we had while in San Francisco. That full tasting and drink pairing menu – just go for it if you ever have the chance!

Sony & PlayStation had a great rooftop party

Just chillin’ in the sun at Sangria Hill.

Sangria Hill – we will miss this place until next year! I think we also succeeded registering this name as a google location. Feel free to search for it and sign in!

See you next year, San Francisco!







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  1. Kent Tsui says:

    Glad to see ya all had a great time! Hope to see what new projects are in the works soon :)

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