Arrowhead-Kart and Blue Shells

Since we haven’t had any team bonding activities in a long time, last Friday Arrowhead booked an afternoon of go-kart as a treat for everyone. Conveniently we have a local racetrack just 5 minutes down the road from our offices here in Globen, so off we went!

All lined up at the depot ready to race.

Overview of the whole racetrack. It looks small from this angle, but there were a lot of looping twists and turns.

The whole group was split into teams of 3 and were told that we had an hour of driving. The aim was for each team to complete as many laps as possible, with individual achievements for fastest lap time. Everyone had 2 x 10 minute sessions behind the wheel.

“10 minutes?! Is that all??” people said. Little did we know that driving go-karts is seriously hard work and these 10 measly minutes feel like a lifetime.  Over the next few days many of us found out that we were sore. We were aching. We were completely broken. Literally. We thought that someone had actually broken a rib during a crash. (Luckily it was only severe bruising… probably… and the go-kart was completely fine!)

Live action view thanks to Marre’s GoPro

Towards the end the competitive spirit ran high. Everyone wanted to get the fasted lap within their teams, but alas, there’s only room for one fast driver per team.  As you can see below, the proud champions stepped up to the podium to claim their medals. In first place was Tommy with ~23 seconds. The others were not far behind, it was only a matter of split seconds (this is important detail apparently that I must include in the blog post).

The winners of the fastest lap in their teams!

The rest of their teammates soon joined them. Collectively these were the top three teams which had the most laps around the track. The most laps completed in an hour was ~126 – that’s about 2 laps per minute!

After the racing we relaxed and stuffed ourselves with nice dinner buffet. Overall it was a great afternoon out and highly recommended. Just watch out for your “friends” and those pesky blue shells!

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