Arrowhead’s new Office – one week left!

Finally the day has arrived. It’s been two years in the making but from Monday 19th June we will officially be rehoused into our new waterside offices at Hammarby Kaj. Luckily for us it’s just in time to enjoy the summer sun on the large outdoor terraces!

You may have noticed that we’ve been a bit quiet here at the studio these last couple of weeks due to all the commotion of packing up our belongings into boxes, sorting out equipment and throwing out old stuff. We didn’t quite realise just how many personal belongings we had cluttering up our desks (cactus, X-wing figurines, Warhammer books, sloth paraphernalia…).

We expect the transition to take another couple of weeks before we are up and running at full capacity again but we promise that there will be a ton more photos for you to check out later. We still have some smaller finishing touches left to do, but for now these sneak peeks should suffice :D

The feeding hole

Johan and Anton surveying the progress


5 responses to “Arrowhead’s new Office – one week left!”

  1. Pilens hemlige beundrare says:

    If you want a photo of me on the wall in your feeding area just ask!

  2. Bruno Reboucas Santos says:

    yes yes, very nice.

    ArrowHead the best.

  3. Harry van der Veen says:

    Brilliant! Congrats y’all.

  4. The Tech Tard says:

    Congrats, everyone! Looks amazing.

  5. Грига Атататос says:

    The new office is very good, but what about Helldivers?

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