Finally moved in to the dream office

We are here at last!
We moved in near the end of June and have since been so busy unpacking and setting up, that you haven’t heard much from us yet.

Any office move is a major change for a company and we have worked through a few offices in our time as a studio. From the CEO’s student kitchen, to a campus room about the size of Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs, to an outdated office in need of renovation. Finally this is now the first time we have a completely new office shaped after our wishes and needs, a true Arrowhead place.

The new office has been shaped from the idea of A Second Home with a northern Sweden touch. It is made for our employees, for all the hard work and the hours they put in. With areas to get inspired, to relax away from the screen, to connect to eachother, and to focus while moving us forward into a leading game company.

I took the opportunity to grab a few lovely sunset photographs of our lounge area. I’ll let them speak for themselves now.

We will show you more once it’s completely set up and photographed. Half the office is themed after a summer northern Sweden feel, and half is winter meeting in the middle.

It has been 8 unbelievable years of fun, hardship, struggle and reward. Our continuing mission to boldly go where no one has gone before can truly take off from here. This is far from our final frontier.
















20 responses to “Finally moved in to the dream office”

  1. Harry van der Veen says:


  2. Ruin N Gaun says:

    Wow, it looked very comfortable.

  3. Axel Andrén says:

    Otroligt snyggt! Hoppas det inte blir för varmt med solljuset bara…

  4. Nyaka Nyaka says:

    Perfect building to make Helldivers 2 in!

  5. Bruno Reboucas Santos says:

    Incredible place where helldivers 2 will be developed.

  6. Wouter Sikkema says:

    Looks awsome!, any ideas as to what is next for arrowhead? (crosses fingers for either DLC for helldivers 1 or helldivers 2)

  7. cusman says:

    Looks like a nice resort more than an office. I wonder how the actual working areas look.

  8. Грига Атататос says:

    The new office is very good, but what about Helldivers, Helldivers 2?

  9. Bernd says:

    With such a great view helldivers 2 or another local co-op play title should become great as well.

  10. Kelvin says:

    The top comments. XD

    … are 100% accurate. Helldivers 2? =D

    (Edit. Also, love the new digs! Never knew an office could look so homey.)

  11. Julian says:

    I came here to see what’s up with the studio that made Helldivers. Really glad to see everything’s looking good for you guys. The office looks amazing I want to see more of it. This is probably my dream office now as well. Anyway, I’m hoping we’ll be able to see Helldivers 2 soon. Thank you for making such an awesome game

    • ArrowheadGS says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words and for your support :)

      • Εμπεδοκλής says:

        Idk if you remember me but i was emailing to you guys and you were replieing back.I was writing you my ideas about helldivers, telling you i had platinised it, wishing you good luck to awards,congratulated you when you won the award(portable consoles helldivers,reviewing gauntlet and naming some things i didnt like in gauntlet etc). I costantly check your page just to be informed about helldivers 2. You made ur team biger and u r moving to new nice office. NICE. im happy for u. I have a favor to ask u.And that favor includes the making of helldivers 2. I dont wanna pressure you guys but my heart DESIRES a sequel of helldivers. I even get excited by the thought of it. I wish you the best. I want your team being happy so they can create Helldivers 2.

  12. SmokeE3 . says:

    I would love to see a Magicka 3!

  13. Jesse Palmer says:

    Omg I’m taking this new office move as an official announcement of Helldivers 2 & Gauntlet “King” Slayer Edition! Yay thanks guys I’m super stoked! XD

  14. Tim Kauffman says:

    What a great place to work on a GAUNTLET style game inspired by everything that made the WB release so awesome that will be entirely your own IP to do with and further develop as you see fit…you could call it VAMBRACE… ;)

  15. Nicholas Mundy says:

    Wow! What an incredible looking new office! I’m glad to see things are turning out for the best for you guys. :)

  16. Εμπεδοκλής says:

    I got faith in this studio cause they made my most favorite game. helldivers.My dream is a HELLDIVERS 2. or a game based on co-op in ww2 era. I wish you the best guys. PLEASE MAKE HELLDIVERS 2.

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