The Gamedev Housewarming Party

Now that the Arrowhead team is feeling at home in our new place, all it needed was a cheerful housewarming with our game industry friends. Last week we had a great evening and below are the photos. Don’t miss all the silly, badass, crazy photo box pictures in the end!

There’s never been so many people in our kitchen and game lounge before, it was quite a sight.

Look at all the lovely old and new friends all over the place!

Of course we had to serve actual cups of Liber-tea, an ice tea type of drink! Each of our games got their own signature drinks which were very popular.
We also had a photo box for the evening that gathered a lot of people posing in Magicka robes, Helldivers capes and with various weapon props we had around.

Our wonderful DJ’s from Syntax Error entertained throughout the night with chip tunes and games music, and a last brave group of people stayed around well past midnight (on a weekday).

Don’t miss all these crazy pictures and gifs that came out of the photo box!

The entire gallery can be viewed here: Arrowhead Housewarming sharingbox pics
Use the key 14E7B to enter

6 responses to “The Gamedev Housewarming Party”

  1. Blade says:

    Amazing Party. Can you please make a guide how to make A Cup of Liber-tea, including the recipe and portions?

  2. cusman says:

    What! No secret project drink with ingredient choices for fans to obsess over?

    2 more days until Liberty Day

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