Liberty Day 2017 – Helldivers everywhere celebrate!

To all Soldiers of Super Earth, a happy Liberty Day!

In celebration of this occasion, FREE equipment has been added to the Helldivers arsenal on all platforms (PS4, PS3, PSVita and Steam). Try new ways to liberate the galaxy with the Heavy Strafing Run, A/GL-8 Launcher Turret or ‘Thunderer’ Smoke Round.

Furthermore, between October 26th – October 30th HELLDIVERS will be free to download and play on Steam.

We are also hosting a Developer hangout on Reddit and a Giveaway Competition, read on for the details.

New Stratagems added

Today 3 new stratagems have been added for all Helldivers to utilize in their endeavor to spread maximum democracy. Unlock them by completing all missions on a planet where they are the indicated reward.

stratagem heavy strafing run

Click for larger view

Heavy Strafing Run
An Eagle fighter jet armed with a 25 mm chain gun strafes the area. The heavy rounds explode on impact, making it far more potent than the regular Strafing Run. This comes with the trade off of a longer time between engagements as the fighter has to swing wide and accelerate to compensate for recoil.


stratagem grenade launcher turret

Click for larger view

A/GL-8 Launcher Turret
The A/GL-8 Launcher Turret is the latest development in automated sentry technology. Launching the same rounds as the Obliterator, it has immense firepower and shoots over obstacles. Meant for fixed position defense, a variable firing range was not deemed necessary during development. The turret can discern friend from foe, but watch out for the blast radius.

Click for larger view

‘Thunderer’ Smoke Round
A single round of smoke is fired from a nearby ‘Thunderer’ artillery emplacement. The smoke will cover a small area for a short while and block all line of sight.

Developer hangout & Competition

Throughout Liberty Day we will have developers from Arrowhead available in the pinned developer hangout thread AMA on Reddit /r/Helldivers. Here you can ask us all your burning questions about Helldivers, Arrowhead and developing games. Main hours will be 10am until 4pm CEST but we will try to follow up and answer additional questions afterward as well.
Edit: Read all the questions and answers here.

Fancy a chance to win some HELLDIVERS items from our goodie box? There are stickers, pins, coasters and a wearable Helldivers cape in the draw! Compete by following the simple instructions:

  1. Tweet about Liberty Day – Be creative and write anything you like! Make sure to add the hashtags #LibertyDay and #HELLDIVERS
  2. Write a Facebook post (public) about Liberty Day – Be creative and write anything you like! Add the hashtag #LibertyDay and tag the official Helldivers page.
  3. Fill in your email and link to your post in THIS FORM.

Competition will close and winners will be drawn at 10 CEST on Monday, October 30th

We wish you joyful festivities this happy day!

21 responses to “Liberty Day 2017 – Helldivers everywhere celebrate!”

  1. Henkibojj says:

    Wonderful! The strafing run seems a bit OP but I’m sure you’ve thought about it. I can’t see that Helldivers is free on Steam, is it going to be in a few hours perhaps?

  2. Squizzo says:

    Can’t wait to try these new stratagems! Just a little question: would it be possible to see a change to the fog/haze colors of the alien home planets and have them like the normal ones? The illuminate one in particular is really hurting the eye with that purple/blue, especially for people who can have problems with the eyes :(

  3. Bruno Reboucas Santos says:

    YESS, Arrowhead i love u. :)
    Thank u very much. Long Live Helldivers!

  4. cusman says:

    Arrowhead did Liberty Day proud again. Thank you :)

    PS – RIP Wingfrog #6

  5. Descartes says:

    So sad that it seems Arrowhead can’t make Hell Divers 2 without Sony’s approval :(

  6. Caz says:

    Great stuff! Thank you!!!
    Happy Liberty Day, everyone!

  7. Lein says:

    Arrowhead delivered! :)
    I haven’t tried any of them yet, but that Heavy Strafing Run looks beautiful. <3

    Thanks, guys. Happy Liberty Day!

  8. Judas says:

    I’m sooo happy right now!

  9. Citizen Graves says:

    Once again, Arrowhead has made Liberty Day the very best day on Super-Earth! And not only because Liberty Day is the only official holiday of Super-Earth, because even if there were other holidays besides Liberty Day, they would only pale in comparison! :-D

  10. Jan Grabowski says:

    We love this game. We meet regularly to free the world from greasy bugs. Thanks for this great game, which gives us a lot of fun.
    Prost from Germany!

  11. Thanks to all of you for playing and dropping by here!
    Hope you had a great Liberty Day

  12. Punky says:

    Happy libertyday guys!

  13. John Doe says:

    any plan for campaign mode? or Helldiver 2

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