Spooky Halloween Pumpkin Contest

A scary Halloween to you all!

It’s that ghostly time of year again and for Halloween celebrations at the office we’ve draped our kitchen in cobwebs and had Witches’ cauldron punch. Most importantly we held our second traditional pumpkin carving contest. This time we would like You to determine the winner!

See all the entries below in turntable / almost 360 videos.

Pumpkin no 1:


Pumpkin no 2:


Pumpkin no 3:


Pumpkin no 4:


Pumpkin no 5:


Vote here for the Best one, to grace the winning team with eternal fame until next year!

If you have any problems viewing the videos it’s also possible to vote via our Facebook Page.

2 responses to “Spooky Halloween Pumpkin Contest”

  1. Nicholas says:

    Hmm… It’s a really tough decision.

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