The Arrowhead Forums are open to all!

Today we’re excited to launch our new Arrowhead forums. It’s great to finally have a place which we can call our own, to hang out with you all and to join in the conversation together.

For the grand opening we are giving away Steam codes to early members! To receive one of our titles, simply sign up to the forums by making an account and introduce yourself to the community! It’s that easy.

To make your introduction awesome, your post must include 2 things:

  • Let us know what Arrowhead games you have played. You don’t need to have played any – you can say “None!”, but it’s great to know which you enjoy so that you can find friends with similar interests.
  • Which game you would like the Steam code for (Helldivers, Gauntlet, Magicka or The Showdown Effect)!

Here is a direct link to the thread.


  • The first 50 100 posters (Wow! with the great response we’re getting we have increased the amount) in the designated thread get a Steam code to one of our games of their choice.
  • One code per person.
  • Only posts in the designated thread count.
  • Your post must include the two stated things.

We want the forums to be an including and enjoyable experience for everyone, so if you have any feedback or suggestions be sure to let us know in the forum feedback section.

You will continue to see us around in the other forums from time to time (Reddit, Steam, PlayStation), but our forums will be our primary hangout where we will chat with the community, host competitions and more.

We hope to see you all there! :)

5 responses to “The Arrowhead Forums are open to all!”

  1. cusman says:

    Love the new forums. Since the new forums have a Support section, in future for Support should people go to the Forums and then Support within there or to the Zendesk Support?

    • You can go to the support section of the forums and post new bugs or issues – the idea here is that we have one fast place for communication with the community for new bugs that appear or anything that we are not aware of.

      The support centre will remain the go to place first and foremost to check for updates and see if any issues have already been covered. There is a link in the hamburger menu on the forums to access the support centre quickly.

  2. Aleksandr Trbovich says:

    My wife and I love Helldivers. Its one of our first games we have ever been able to enjoy together. A steam code for magika would be great!

  3. palasta . says:

    I’ve been playin’ Helldivers for about 2 years now on two systems. Personally, i’d say it is one of the greatest (coop) top down shooter to have ever been created. Don’t know what will be ahead – hopefully a successor to HD, a game with similar gameplay and mechanics.

  4. Dorian Tamez says:

    I absolutely love helldivers, so I’m here to give an idea. Now this is just a thought, maybe y’all could add a zombie faction to the game? I’m not good with giving ideas but I’m sure y’all understand what I’m saying.

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