We’re back and ready for 2018!

Welcome! We hope you’ve had a lovely holiday and that 2018 started off well.
The Studio is back to business after closing for a much needed rest and we’ve gathered together some of the bigger things that have happend during the past year. The new project is coming together nicely and we can’t wait to be able to talk more about it. A few tidbits can be found in developer conversations in our new Arrowhead Forums though. Moving offices was also a huge part of 2017 but we managed to do a few more things!

Going to GDC. Between February and March we had a significant proportion of the company visiting GDC (Game Developers Conference) in San Francisco. It was a fantastic week of interesting lectures, meeting friends and business partners, and hanging with our Sony friends which we can’t do often enough. There was even a little extra time for some sightseeing and parties. The pictures can be seen here.

HELLDIVERS and GAUNTLET anniversaries. We saw Helldivers turning 2 years old (celebrated with the gift of a shiny new Next-Gen uniform to wear) and Gauntlet turned 3 years. Aaaw our little babies are really growing up. Next year (2019) we will have occasion to really celebrate Arrowhead as a company too! :)

Moving to the dream office. During summer we finally moved into our brand new office. It’s great to have a place built from scratch to suit our needs, themed with a northern style drawing from the studio roots. Quite a big difference from our first campus cubbyhole that barely fitted four people (we were five)! Read more about the move.
Once we were a bit set up, we had an excellent housewarming party (where you could of course get an actual cup of Liber-tea) with people from almost all of the other Stockholm game studios. Just wishing we could have had a huge party with our players as well!

Opening the Support Center. After the summer we launched Arrowhead’s own support hub, as the first step of upgrading our website and what we can offer visitors and players of our games. This will be your go to place for solving any issues you might run into, read FAQs or check patch notes. There is also the option to send in your own question to get quick help. Visit the Support Center or read How and Why we’re changing things.
We also started the new Twitter handle @ArrowheadHelp where you can easily ask quick questions.

Celebrating Liberty Day 2017. We added 3 new stratagems to Helldivers for all players, the Heavy Strafing Run, A/GL-8 Launcher Turret, and ‘Thunderer’ Smoke Round. We also hosted a Helldivers AMA on Reddit gathering many interesting questions and candid answers from the devs.

Unveiling the Arrowhead Forums. Towards the end of the year we were really excited to open our own forums, as the next step in improving our player care and support. The forums have had a great start, providing a home for our devs and fans to hang out together. You’ll find more intimate details about our games and the upcoming project, can share your stories or art, take part in competitions and much more. We’re looking forward to see the place continue to thrive and be our strongest point of direct contact with our players. Visit the Arrowhead Forums.

New Arrowheads! Last but definitely not least, let us introduce the new Arrowheads that joined us during 2017! Thomas (Programmer), Tim (Systems manager), Ryan (Programmer), Helena (3D artist), Ylva (Programmer) and Steph (Level designer) all joined our crew. Welcome! We’re lucky to have such talented people to come and help us take the games and studio to the next level in 2018.
We also added another member to the office dog family, as the CEO got a corgi puppy??. It might be impossible to avoid posting some doggo pictures on Arrowhead’s Instagram from time to time, from now on.


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3 responses to “We’re back and ready for 2018!”

  1. Brandon Maquera says:

    Thanks for the new stratagems: D Congratulations for everything

  2. Questor says:

    Gauntlet still rocks! You’ll find me lost in endless mode until your next game comes out. Can’t wait for what’s to come <3

  3. The_Discomafia says:

    Please add more content to support your old games like Helldivers ;(
    cant wait for the sequel

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