Working From Home Pt2

Corona, who doesn’t love it? We’re talking about the beer of course. The pandemic thing…not so good. But for some of us there is a silver lining. We’ve talked to the Arrowheads (over Discord) and gathered up some of the more lovely aspects of lockdown life and how they are managing their work-life balance.

We asked our devs “How has working from home created a better work-life balance for you over all?”

No wasting time on commuting, more time for personal projects! More Warhammer time essentially – Mikael, Environment Artist

I get to hang out with my wife, daughter and cat during my breaks which is awesome! – Nikklas, IT

This is a game changer in my mood and health. It feels more “free” and I like that. Having to travel to and from work has been stressful, so I’m very thankful that I can spend that time on taking a jog, meditating or work on my own projects – David, Sound Designer

I love cooking, so I get to cook both for lunch and dinner. Something I haven’t had time to do when coming home late otherwise. More time to just take care of my apartment. I can run on errands/walks whenever I need to and work in that time later. – Helena, Artist

Kristian, Sound Designer- I save about 2 hours per work day on the commute alone. I feel like I have more energy after work because of this too, and less stress in the mornings. I also like the fact that I have instant access to my own fridge, couch and balcony all the time. On short breaks in the sun, I can do it from the comfort of my own home. Oh, and I don’t have to care as much about looking proper for work.

Ryan, UI designer- With Arrowhead having been gracious enough to ship my work PC to me at no personal cost, very little has changed for me in a practical sense. Being on the autism spectrum, I’ve never found it terribly satisfying to have to lock myself into a fixed schedule for five out of every seven days of the week. Being able to shift my hours forward or backward relative to the normal workday, without having to pay the price of my schedule intersecting the rush-hour commute, has felt like a tonne of bricks being unloaded from my mind. Working from home has given an enormous boost to my mental health and feeling of job satisfaction

Lucy, Community – In the office I was a bit of a workaholic and didn’t take time to have a “paus” (Swedish for a break!). It’s actually made me more productive because when I sit down to work I can focus more on the tasks at hand because I feel refreshed.

Hopefully by the end of this blog, you have some additional things to think about during these difficult times. Dive into your interests, play with your pets, do work around the house to make it more suitable to your liking, and take some time to go feel the sun on your face! Make the most out of this time whether working from home is your permanent or temporary situation. We hope everyone is staying safe! 

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