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Streaming Permissions

Our Publishers

The rights to give permission for publishing material from our games lies with each publisher and any queries would need to be directed at our publishers:

Sony Interactive Entertainment America (Helldivers)

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (Gauntlet)

Paradox Interactive (Magicka, The Showdown Effect).


While Arrowhead cannot give explicit permission to publish the Helldivers material due to Sony Interactive Entertainment America owning the IP, we have received this statement from Sony:

“Thank you for your interest in licensing our game content.  We do not generally grant licenses for use of our game content in walkthroughs and similar productions. However, we do not, in most cases, prohibit consumers from using our game content in this way, although we may change this policy in the future.”  

Magicka and TSE

We give permission to all streamers to make Let’s Play videos of our games published by Paradox Interactive (Magicka, The Showdown Effect) and monetizing them if they like!

Legal document can be found here: