Dive into the co-op and combat of HELLDIVERS 2

We’re back to tell you more about HELLDIVERS™ 2 and share a new video that goes in-depth on our cooperative play, our combat, and how the game looks and feels when players drop from their ships to a planet surface. Check out the latest trailer!

More firepower

Stratagems are making a grand return in HELLDIVERS™ 2 with more variety than ever. These are powerful tools that you can summon with short button combinations. Everything from orbital bombardments to gatling turrets to machine guns can be called down to the planet from your ship in orbit to aid you in spreading freedom to the alien threat.

For primary weapons, we want to give players just as many options. There are shotguns, rifles, and exotic plasma weapons and more to further tailor your experience. These, combined with the awesome power of stratagems, will let you and your friends spread Managed Democracy far and wide.

Gear up

We also think it’s important to look as cool as possible while dishing out Democracy. We’ve spent a lot of time crafting bespoke armors, helmets, and billowing capes so that you look like the elite soldier Super Earth needs.

As part of your loadout, you have the option of choosing from different light, medium, and heavy armor types with unique passives and abilities. Depending on your play style, you can choose armor that gives you the best possible chance on the battlefield. If you like being up close and personal, you can use heavier armor to give you greater protection. If you want to stay back and snipe, a lightweight armor can get you to that hilltop quickly and avoid detection.

Death & life

Death is a given in the HELLDIVERS universe, which we think makes dying less punishing than a lot of cooperative games. If a Helldiver dies, whether by bug or by bullet, another Helldiver can be called down in their place using a reinforcement, pick up the discarded weapons of the previous corpse, and jump right back into the action. Super Earth has plenty of Helldivers to sacrifice to the cause, and every Helldiver is happy to give their life for Democracy.

“Dying in this game is fun,” says our game director, Mikael Eriksson. “Sometimes you’ll find yourself blowing up more than just the enemy and your friends’ limbs might come flying past your screen. That’s okay, though. Each time a Helldiver is reinforced, that’s a new citizen finally fulfilling the Super Earth dream that they’ve fantasized about from early childhood.”

Work together

At Arrowhead, we’re known for creating games that bring people together, and HELLDIVERS 2 is our most sophisticated cooperative experience yet. CEO Johan Pilestedt says, “One of the exciting things about the co-op of Helldivers 2 is that it’s a natural part of the game.” You have to coordinate with your team to build complementary loadouts, collaborate on missions, and move together as a tactical unit to accomplish goals.

Team weapons are another cooperative feature we’re proud to add to HELLDIVERS 2. Too large and powerful to be used by a single individual, team weapons allow one person to carry the gun and one person to carry the ammunition to assist with reloading. This is where real cooperation comes into play. If you want to use the biggest and baddest gun to take out a big enemy faster, you’ll need to work together.

We can’t wait for you to experience HELLDIVERS 2 later this year on PlayStation 5 and PC! Be sure to wishlist the game on PlayStation and Steam, and follow our social channels for more news from the frontlines!

By the way, did you notice anything strange at the end of that trailer?