“We make the games that we ourselves would love to play.”


There’s something special about an Arrowhead game. We strongly believe that games should challenge the creativity of the individuals who play them. This holds true for all our games, no matter how casual, action-packed or story driven. We feel that this is one of the key factors to creating a memorable experience. An experience that will be remembered for a long time by those who play our games.

We also believe in making games that will have a long lasting and hardcore crowd. Therefore we take great care to integrate support models that make sense and that allow for continued development. They should become a living product, so that we can support our products for as long as people want to play them.

When we started Arrowhead we had a strong vision of what kind of games, mentality and studio we wanted to create and are still passionate about the idea that games should challenge the creativity of the individuals that play them. Every Arrowhead game has a few core values, no matter what style or genre they are in.

Core Values


A huge part of what Arrowhead does when making games is worldbuilding. We want our players to experience and reside in a universe that is real and believable – even though it might be a fantastical one.

For example, in an action game this would mean that damage and health values follow what makes sense within the game’s universe, rather than what traditionally leads to balanced gameplay.


We believe that the best things in games happen between players – a shared player experience – regardless of whether you are couch coop, online coop or through random matchmaking. The game should connect you.

Arrowhead games aim to create these connections and maximize opportunities for player stories. These stories are something that should be retold time and time again. And not just in game, offline too!


Our games focus on fantastical immersion, rather than just ‘something you have to beat’. We strive to give players opportunities to explore and find their own way of playing.

The goals and challenges we set out for players are there primarily to spark their creativity and to make for hilarious mishaps. This extends to our own worldbuilding, as we often use humour and a playful approach to serious subjects and messaging.