Privacy Policy

Welcome to Arrowhead’s website. By visiting and using our website, you agree to follow and be bound by these terms of use and our privacy policy.

We respect the privacy of our users. The information we collect is used for the purpose of improving the user experience, for marketing purposes, and to answer questions and comments. Information linked to your person is only collected in cases where you provide us with it, for example in contact forms, comments and feedback.

Definition of personal data

By definition, personal data is something that can identify you as a person, such as name, email address, social security number, physical address and similar information. Electronic identities such as IP addresses and encrypted data are only classified as personal data if the data can be linked to a natural person.

No personal data is actively registered on the website

Personal data is not actively collected on the website. We only process the personal data that you have actively chosen to share with us. You consent to us processing this data when you choose to give feedback, comment or contact us. However, we do not advise you to provide personal information as it is rarely helpful for us when it comes to answering your questions or comments.

Registration of anonymous user data

When visiting the website, information about your use of the website is recorded through the tracking tool Google Analytics and cookies. The information that is registered includes when and how you navigated the website, information about your location and other technical information. The information that is stored is not linked to you as an individual and thus does not count as personal data. The registered information can be divided into different categories:

  • User Behavior – Your use of the Website is recorded, which includes which pages you visit, what time you visit them, and the time you spend on each page.
  • Location information – With the help of your IP address, we can see your approximate geographical position. Your location information can then be used to customize advertising.
  • Technical information – We register information about which device you use when you visit the website. Other technical information that may be included is operating system, cookies, browser and IP address.

In order to optimize your user experience, we use cookies on the website. Any settings you have made may be saved so that you do not have to make the selections the next time you visit. In our cookie policy, you can read more about cookies and how we use them.

Personal information and user data are securely stored and never shared

The personal data that we receive is always stored securely and is only stored as long as necessary. If we suspect that our security has been breached, we will take measures immediately to secure the personal data and data we had in our system at the time. Personal data that we receive is never sold or transferred to third parties.

The collection of personal data can always be changed, deleted or blocked by you.

You always have the right to change or delete personal data we have registered about you free of charge. If you have any questions or concerns regarding changes or deletions, you can find contact information on our Contact page.

We use Google Analytics to collect, store and analyze user data. You have the right to block all data collection by Google Analytics. Change or withdraw your consent here.