Much more than just an office.


Arrowhead is located in the Stockholm, Sweden. Just south of the city center is where you’ll find us, in our newly renovated offices. We’re fortunate enough to have some amazing top floor views of the Hammarby Sj√∂stad waterfront and are just a stone’s throw away from both nature and Stockholm’s bustling game dev hub. You’ll often find us mingling with our developer neighbours at various mixers, parties and industry events around town.

Since moving into the new building in 2017, Malin has worked incredibly hard to make the office into a home for us. Based on Arrowhead’s Swedish roots, the natural Norrland (northern) theme runs throughout the office. It features common designs inspired by the harsh northern winters and lush green summers. And wood. A lot of wood! In fact, did you know that more than 57% of Sweden is covered in forest? Anyway…

There’s enough space for our ~60 employees to work and relax, enjoying the three (yes, three!) large balconies for the best part of the summer. BBQs, parties, drinks, a spacious lounge area to play all the latest games together – we’ve got it all! Last but not least, tucked away in a corner is our¬†special hobby room (nicknamed the Warhammer room) where people come together to do a little arts and crafts during lunch or after work.

Basically what we’re trying to say is that we are very proud of our studio and all the hard work that been put into it. We are constantly improving and updating it to make it as comfortable as possible for our employees to work and play <3